May 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


Legs are feeling it after my first whizz round Regent’s Park with @jools providing excellent pace setting. Will see the rest of you at an INclusive ride in the next few weeks!


Happy Velopark Thursday everyone! Who’s there tonight?


Separate from E20cc - I just wanted to share this great social ride led by Bill (Newham Cyclists)

Newham River Ride
Sunday 14th May
10am - 3pm

Twenty mile ride down the Lea and the Thames. Via Greenwich & Woolwich ferry Easy riding mostly off road or quiet roads. Option to leave ride halfway at cable car lunch stop. Meet outside the common cafe view tube.

Full information here:

Lookout for some of @stevoline Newham Cyclists rides, expertly led and exciting discovery routes.


Anyone out tomorrow morning?


Hi Josh,
Are you the ride leader? I’d be up for going out, but I’m a novice & very much in the accessible ride category. Henry was very patient last week, (thank you Henry).
I’ll probably only pitch up if a few other newbies say they are planning to attend.
Best wishes,


I’m up for an accessible to Epping tomorrow too, though not sure I’m big boy enough yet to lead…


You’d be fine @Ian_Clark if you fancied it

I’ll be wearing E20 kit but will be elsewhere


I’m up for an accessible Epping ride, see you all at 8.15


Don’t feel like I know the routes well enough to lead!


Afraid I can’t make tomorrow after all. However I wish you an enjoyable ride and perhaps I will meet with you another Sunday. Best wishes, Roseann.


I’m out as well I’m afraid!


Hoping to be out tomorrow morning.


Despite the utterly crapy weather that this country has in display for us today , is anyone on the accessible ride today ?


I’ll be there for a gentle stretch, currently feeling a bit delicate this morning :weary:


Ok @Lee… I will be there too


Yes but running 5 mins late


Already here, keen bean


Thanks for the ride this morning guys, really enjoyed it. Credit to @Theqg_QG and Pastor for leading and their patience with the pace!
Please can someone post ride details - speed, distance and route if possible
See you next week!


@JoshCox et all, it was a pleasure riding with you today. I hope you are all fine and looking forward to see you soon on the road again.

You can get the details from my Garmin / Strava data:

All the best,


Yeah thanks for all the wheels and dragging me along back into cycling after being out for a few weeks