March 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Not going to make it sorry, enjoy the ride!!


Is there an accessible ride tomorrow morning?


_emphasized text_It was brutally enjoyable!

Not to mention we rode with the Hell’s Angels !

@Pastor-Kawesi pulled us all from start to finish. Thanks for the hard work mate !


Hi @Shaun
I’ve put the ask out for an accessible ride leader to come forward

I’m out early but, as it’s laps, anyone is welcome to join and go at their own pace. Details above


As much I would love to do an accessible and recovery ride tomorrow I have some family duties … it is Mother’s Day after all.

I might do laps at the velopark in the afternoon.



I am up for laps, just let me know


This might be better in a new thread but prudential ride london are looking for groups of volenteers for this years events. 10 volenteers gets you some guaranteed entries for next year and money for your club…maybe pay for some ride leader jerseys etc? Worth while for discussion at our next meeting I think.


Anyone for laps this evening at Velopark? Round 7.


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