March 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


@Theqg_QG — I’m looking to do an early local laps ride around QEOP with @SeaAyeRobson / meeting at 6am tomorrow (Tues 14th)


Thanks @Lee, I cannot promise I’ll join, but if you let me know where you and Sir @SeaAyeRobson meet I can try to join you guys.


Hi Everyone
I’ll be leading a hills intervals session on Sunday again. If you’ve ridden previous ones, time to add some reps. If you want to try it, come alone anyway - we’ll encourage you to push yourself, but number of reps is up to you.

We’ll head out with accessible ride then do our thing in the forest. Let me know you’re interested here in advance if you can

Don’t see the type of ride you want to do? Why not plan and lead your own club ride? Give me a shout if you’d like to chat about that



Anyone interested in a short & quick ride on Saturday morning? 66.6 km leaving @ 7.30am ?



Hi @Theqg_QG,

I could join you on a ride tomorrow morning if its not too late notice. I’m new to E20 but have a reasonable level of fitness.

I’m training towards a hefty touring trip so need to get some miles under my belt.



Welcome @Sam_A — I’m not answering for @Theqg_QG but just so you know, we host accessible sessions on Sundays at 8:30am as featured at the top of this topic. We strongly advise to come along on one these sessions so you can get a feel for local routes and ability levels. This is to avoid disappointment and to safeguard yourself from joining a faster ad-hoc training ride.

I can’t make this Sunday, but certainly keep an eye on these monthly threads to pick a suitable session.

@jools and @Henry will be able to welcome you this week as ride leaders.

Please fire any questions and someone will support any queries.

atb. Lee


Hey folks, I’ll be around this Sunday and happy to lead the accessible ride. It’ll be a gentle ride up to High Beach. Around 25 miles total at 14-16 mph with no one left behind. Water essential, food recommended.

@jools depending on who turns up we could all do the hill session you mentioned. I’m certainly keen! If some aren’t up for doing 5 loops then the accessible group can do how many feels doable and then head back.


Morning @Sam_A … more than welcome to join me . Unfortunately I won’t go today, still under the weather sort to speak.

I am planning for a ride tomorrow. I will share the details later on today. Stay tuned…



Just a reminder about the accessible and hill reps sessions tomorrow

Would be good to know who’s planning on the hills



@Sam_A et all ,
If interested, this is the route that @aahj and I are planning for tomorrow:

We will aim at a +28km/h avg if the Gods of Wind don’t play against us.

Please remember to bring enough gels, water and spare parts. This ride won’t include any coffee stops.

We may chose a different route depending on the weather conditions in the morning.

We leave at 8:30am from the usual place.



Hi Henry. I would like to come out with you tomorrow (19th March) for the accessible cycle ride, as a new member. I have a reasonable/good level of fitness. Hope this is ok. Tim Amor


Sure thing @Tim_Amor! See you tomorrow.


Pleasure riding/sailing with everyone today! We absolutely tamed those hills, especially the new riders Tim and Beth. @Bethany_Thompson hope you made it back to Manor Park ok!

Til next week.


Hi All

Planning on the next instalment of early Regent’s Park laps efforts on Sunday at 7.45am (so traffic is quiet). Steady there, five laps effort, one lap recovery, five laps effort, no drafting.

Let me know if you’d like to join (note the time) - once there, you can, of course, do your own session or target number of laps before back to EV and coffee…

Don’t see the type of ride you’re interested in? Why not consider leading your own ride? Get in touch direct if you’d like to chat.

Also - if you enjoyed any ride led by one of our lovely volunteer ride leaders, feel free to give them a shout out here!

Thanks all


I am planning a ride for Saturday, it will be a re-edition of a famous ride led by @jools in May last year (Great Dunmow Ride).

The route:

Target Avg Speed +28 kmh
Length: 117km

Departure Time : 7:30am
Departure place: the usual place

Riders: @aahj, @Pastor-Kawesi

We have a to be back by 1pm, hence this ride won’t include coffee stops.

If you decide to join us (or any ride in general) make sure of the following:

  • to have the route downloaded on your Garmin (charge your device)
  • to have spare parts e.g. inner tubes, a pump and / or CO2
  • you have done a similar ride before
  • plan your breakfast (coming on a ride with empty stomach is not a good idea)
  • have enough gels / food for the whole ride (100 km bring 4 to 5 gels + 1 protein bar)
  • bring enough drinks



I did and thanks for having me, it was a great introduction to the club. I’ll be back in 2 weeks!


I can’t make Sunday, family duties and all that. I will however be out to High beech early Saturday for some lovely hill repeats and be back by 10.30 so if anyone would like to join just shout, ta.


@Sjh … you can join us all the way to Epping


Aye, sounds good, might just be able to keep up till there (he says optimistically!)


Just bumping this to remind people about early Sunday RP laps and couple of Saturday options above

Please read details/aims carefully and let ride leaders know in advance if you are interested