Manhattan Loft Gardens E20 | Manhattan Loft Corporation


I actually think it will look pretty cool once the facade is up and will blend in way more with the sky and surrounding being reflected. Looks like the brig brother of the small mirror poles. And seriously don’t mind NOT looking at the bacl of Westfield anymore.


Couldn’t agree more @Elke_Kemper — stunning shot @frankdasilva / I think this position is perfect to use and re-visit through the seasons


Have a look at this atmospheric shot taken by chrissus83 on the Skyscrapercity forum.


Manhattan Loft Gardens ‘Topping Ceremony’.

Many congratulations to Manhattan Loft Corp. for reaching the 42nd floor. The view from there is just amazing!!

Photo copyright © 2016 Frank Da Silva


Nice one Frank, golden moment!

Here’s a shot from @modboy on Instagram


MLG playing hide and seek this morning.


21st January 2017


Looks good.
It doesn’t seem like they are in a major rush to finish it!






View from East Village, E20


East Village E20 and Mace’s ‘Raising Factory’ (N08 site).
View from the 36th floor of Manhattan Loft Gardens.

Manhattan Loft Gardens - ‘Juliet Balcony’ detail.


Manhattan Loft Gardens - E20


Another great detail shot from @frankdasilva via his SkyScraperWorld group:



Manhattan Loft Corp new website.

Project - Manhattan Loft Gardens:


’Morning Light’ | Manhattan Loft Gardens update - Late March 2018

Photo by @frankdasilva