Manhattan Loft Gardens E20 | Manhattan Loft Corporation


Mate - so proud. Ace work. You’re my hero.


It is always a pleasure to post here @Lee - keep up with the excellent work you doing! :slight_smile:


Fantastic pics Frank, I’ve taken the liberty of cross posting them on where I’m sure you will gain many fans.

Here is a link to developments in and around Stratford
I encourage you to keep up your photo diary and cross post to the relevant thread.


Thanks @obbitz :slight_smile:



Another brilliant pic.


Keep posting hard @frankdasilva — E20 has only just begun, it’s a privilege to witness the birth of so many pioneering new developments in @QEOP


Here’s a night shot :slight_smile:


The ‘slice’ in the building is starting to show - they’ve taken down the scaffolding that was there before.


I bet the person taking that scaffolding down was sweating. It’ll be the most dangerous game of Jenga he’s ever played!



Detail of Manhattan Loft Gardens first cantilever coming to live #roofgarden


Are the remaining red beams around the top floor of the “gap” going to be removed so that the entire building above that point rests purely on the central column? They look temporary but that is absolutely crazy as a design!

I used to work for a company which had its HQ in Seattle, would visit there once a year or so, and they were in the Rainier Tower which I can’t help but be reminded of, structurally if not aesthetically.




Lol, oops indeed!




This is the view they are trying to protect, for sure a bit too late now.

Just pay attention to the amount of cranes that is in that shot.

It was on The Guardian too:

Here’s an interesting article:



Bit late aren’t they - it has like one or two floors left before it is completely topped out…


Photo © 2016 Frank Da Silva

MLG is looking very majestic from East Village E20.