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Some info on Manhattan Loft Gardens.

I have a PDF brochure but its 6MB and can’t be uploaded, however, it is also available here:

Floor plans:

Price List:
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Manhattan Loft Gardens
N08 - East Village - E20 | Get Living London | Mace
Shops and Retail Units in East Village

Watching the video on their website, it’s going to be the most amazing building and a very exciting new addition to the local area. I hope they allow the public, once in a while, to experience the rooftop gardens although for security reasons and to maintain a sense of ‘specialness’, I suspect they won’t. It would be a brilliant addition to the Open House weekend!


Starting to rise up…



What a fantastic and exciting summary of just some of what is happening in this area. I’m so proud to be living in Stratford at this time :smile:


I wonder if they are going to cover the delivery truck entrance to Westfield or even cover the train tracks to Stratford international (I.e. To make it completely underground station) ?
I can’t believe they can sell luxury flats which overlook these two eye-sores. (And the air quality from so many delivery trucks?)


Yes @TobyJon the other day I was wondering about the same thing. That delivery entrance looks horrible plus, it is always smelling very bad. On hot days if the wind is blowing towards EV, we can even smell from our balcony. :frowning:


I was wondering the same thing @TobyJon, furthermore - I can’t believe that the bottom floors will be facing the Stratford International car park. I assume there won’t be any flats on the bottom few floors? surely you can’t have windows opening out to a car park.

If they don’t cover the train tracks, I wonder how much nuisance the passing trains will be in terms of noise, especially for the lower floors.


Blimey, yeah - I’m up on Mirabelle Gardens and the trains do not bother me but I can hear them at otherwise quiet times, even at that distance - I’ve been near International when one passes by and they make a fair old racket. The high speed ones albeit are brief but the late night freight ones chug through for what seems like eons…

Expensive flats to see/hear trains all day and night!


I wouldn’t mind the trains that much, but I’m guessing people who can spend £1-2 million on a flat might be “picky” !


Getting higher…


N24 - (20/11/15)


Glad to find we’re not the only ones who’ve wondered about the pong - we always refer to these flats as ‘Bin View Mansions’!



Manhattan Loft Gardens Newsletter - April 2016


Manhattan Loft Gardens is coming along. You can now see what appears to be the garden on the eight or ninth floor and structural reinforcements on the floor above - see the comparison with this artist’s impression. It’s going to be spectacular when finished! They should have a clear view of the stadium and super slide.



They started the glazing phase - the first 7 floors in one side of the building is now completed. The building itself is on the 27th floor now.


First hand for Yonder! I had the privilege to be invited by Manhattan Loft Corporation to take a few photos showing the view from Manhattan Loft Gardens — see below a short selection // more photos to come, watch this space!

For updates and more photos, please visit my Instagram feed at:


Great photos @frankdasilva!