Kefir cultures to give away for free


If you’re interested in making your own Kefir (milk-based), please contact me. We have Kefir cultures to give away. For free, that is. Before Good Friday, please.


Hi Falco
Having been reassured by the video on the face book post an drew a friend who makes kefir, I’d love to grab some of your culture.

Let me know which evenings work best to pop round


@jools how about today? Any time from 4pm
(Sorry I only saw your message now - best always use @Falco, so that I see it asap)


Hi @Falco
Thanks. Am out after work but may be able to come round tomorrow afternoon or Sunday if you are about?

Not sure what time I will be back from a ride tomorrow yet though


Have to admit, I’ve heard about Kefir cultures, but wasn’t quite sure what it’s all about, had a quick google and sounds really interesting. I love yogurts and muesli, seeds etc. (dislike milky drinks)

Do you recommend for health benefits, can you share a link that I can find out more?


Plenty of stuff around at the moment about fermented food being great for your gut flora with all sorts of proven and suspected health benefits. And very tasty in a smoothie


I just sent a message to you

I like this video:

Contact me if you’d like some cultures.



Thanks @Falco — which milk do you choose to source?


We use organic full fat. It works best with that. But anything will do really.

And the call for kefir fans was actually so successful (especially Roser’s Facebook [I don’t have fb] call) that now we don’t have any cultures left to give away.

But watch this space (everybody!), we’ll have cultures to give away every 4-6 weeks. I’ll let you know here!