June 2018: Training, Club and Accessible Rides


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Sunday 17.06.18

Club Ride 1 - 08:00 Ride Departure from Greenwich Observatory
Ride Leaders: @SeaAyeRobson / @Lee
Avg. Pace: 27kmph
Distance: 75km/1,195m
Saddle Time: 4h
Drop: No
More Info:
Kent 3 Peaks - Greenwich Park out South East to Biggin, Toys and Ide Hills, stopping at Tarte in Brasted, before returning to Greenwich Park.

Route 13.05.18 e20cc South East Ride.gpx (123.8 KB)
Strava link here



Date: 24.06.2018
Ride Leaders: @Henry and @MdeBokx

Departure: Meet at the usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in the Olympic Village. Please aim to be there for around 8:20 am and we’ll run through names, route and rules etc. aiming to leave just after 8.30am.

Avg. Pace: Around 22-23kph
Distance: 40-50km
Ride Time: 2- 3 hours including a stop at High Beach
Drop: No.

Hi everyone

For this week’s accessible ride we’ll be leading a group heading out to the Acorn Hut at High Beach in Epping Forest, we’ll have a tea and snack break (please bring money as they don’t accept card) before deciding whether the group wants to do some hills around Epping or press on a little further and do another little loop before heading back to E20(around 50km in total for the ride).

This will be a NO DROP ride so we’ll be riding as one group and won’t leave anyone behind - we’re a friendly bunch! Pace will vary depending on the group but please ensure you are broadly comfortable with the target pace, riding in a group and distance.

If you’re relatively new to E20cc (or looking to join for the first time), want to build confidence and group riding skills, or just want a nice ride out to Epping to test your legs this is the one for you.

Don’t forget to read all the advice in the post at the top of the thread, check your tyres are pumped up and your bike is in working order, bring spare tubes and enough food and water.

See you guys there :smiley:


I’ll be there.


should be there


Anyone interested in a mid pace ride tomorrow, 3- 4 hrs @ 28 to 30 kph?

Route TBD

Meet as usual at 08h30.



Orient way is closed to cars and bikes this morning


There was a factory fire there yesterday. We’ll head out via wansted instead. Good to hear from you @parvesh!


Had a great ride yesterday, thanks to everyone showing up! There was a big bunch :smiley: The weather was amazing!! Hope you all had a good rest of the day :blush: