June 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


What’s the average pace?


I have half a pass to come out tomorrow for the accessible ride, haven’t been out for a while (in any respect) so won’t be with you for the longer, faster ride but will happily trundle round high beach with anyone else who fancies an easier ride.


It’ll be mid pace. So, faster than accessible. Aim for average of 25kph.


I’m with you tomorrow Henry


I’ll be there tomorrow also.



Mr. @Henry and I will lead a ride tomorrow, we haven’t defined the final route as we want to make sure that there is a coffee break in the middle and we have the opportunity to re-fill the bottles during the ride. It will be hot !

Departure time: 8:00am (we will wait no more than 5 minutes)
Length: 80-100km
Avg Speed: +26Km/h

Possible Routes:

Option 1 (100km) :

Option 2 (80km) :
@Henry will post it tonight

Usual policy applies:

  • come well fed
  • have the route in the garmin as you may have to find your way back home
  • have spare parts tubes and pump
  • make sure that you are physically and mentally fit for such a ride (speed and distance)
  • bring water and gels with you

Please confirm if you are planning to attend.


Sounds good, I’ll be there at 8


Is the half 8 ride still happening? I’m not sure I’m quite cut out for the 100km on at 8 :wink:


I’m aiming for the 8:30 ride with @Sjh — I’ll probably shout out on here in the morning either way - suffering with a neck problem, so taking it steady


Option 2 (80km) :

80km up to Chipping Ongar and then either to Morton or Fyfield depending on how we’re feeling. Coffee stop half way.


Morning, I’m coming along for the 8.30 ride today


Morning @Sjh @Bethany_Thompson I’m going to pickup the 8:30 crew at Lea Bridge Rd nr. WHIPS CROSS roundabout

Edit: Thanks all, first ride out in a while, looking forward to regaining some fitness over the next few weeks!


Great ride today although we managed to lose most of the riders on the way back … thanks @Henry for the route. Happy Father’s Day to you all.


Yes, enjoyable albeit very disorganised ride today. Hope those who dropped off made it back ok.


Thanks guys great ride today my 1st outing with so some of the big dogs. Quido thanks for the encouragement up some of those hills we all made it back safe and sound without incident… Till next time have a fabulous week all…


Great accessible ride up Wellington hill too. :+1:


More than welcome my friend , we have all been there and i find it great when you have someone with you in the moment of troubles … cycling is life , life is cycling :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for a joyful ride this morning, always a pleasure!!


Thank you boys for the ride :))


I should be out for an Epping tide this Sunday👍