June 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


I am going to join tomorrow see you at 8.


Anyone who fancies a shorter and slightly calmer paced option I’m planning on doing a 61km route tomorrow - https://www.strava.com/routes/9118566

Not too hilly (though there are hills). Aiming for a 25-26km/h average pace and leaving at 8:30am from the usual spot opposite the Sainsbury’s in East Village.

Probably no café stop but bring plenty of food and drink and we can stop when needed.


I hope to make the 100k one too!


Which route James?


About the 100Km ride.

I have two options for the route, depending on how we feel in the morning.

Original route:

Pro: the coffee stop is in mid-way
Cons: narrow roads and about 900mt climbs


Pro: nice roads overall with 600mt climb
Cons: coffee stop comes just after 37km

PLEASE, have both of them on your Garmin if possible.


Just wanna say thanks for letting me join you guys this morning. Sorry I couldn’t keep up! :joy:

It’s good to see there are some really experienced riders in the club and a pace to work towards.

I’ll definitely join the accessible ride next Sunday but I just fancied a bit more distance today.

Here’s the route I ended up doing:


Lovely route and ride planned by Guido @Theqg_QG this morning. Strong group. Cheers



Great ride indeed and good effort everyone … apologies for poorly indicated the sharp turns …

Lesson learned : to drink more water during the ride especially during the warmest month … unless we want to start a new trend on single-leg cycling

Ps: @neuron … have you made it back fine ?


Really enjoyed the ride today. Good group riding. Thanks for leading @Theqg_QG.


Thank you for the ride everyone. Now I’m out of work and can go to rest :slight_smile: hopefully some longish ride next week. Maybe train to the sea resort and back ?


F&F Ride Tomorrow (SATURDAY 17/06) Morning

Departure 8:00am
Distance: 57.1km
Avg: +28km/h

Usual policy applies:

  • come well fed (last time I had a massive load of pancakes with Nutella)
  • have the route in the garmin as you may have to find your way back home
  • have spare parts tubes and pump
  • make sure that you are physically and mentally fit for such a ride (speed and distance)
  • bring water and gels with you

Please confirm if you are planning to attend.

PS: F&F = Fast & Flat … the ride is meant to be quick and without stops. We can have short recovery breaks.


see you in the morning


Will be there.


pancakes with nutella is hardly well fed guido!


I am Italian


Thanks Guido @Theqg_QG for getting your three hour ride into two hours this morning!

(I’ve edited cool photo from @Henry of you and me and put it on the instagram ‘joolsburke’)


More than welcome @jools and thanks to you and @Henry for coming along. The team work in the very last bit of the ride was perfetto-perfetto :slight_smile:


Yep really enjoyed that ride today, thanks @Theqg and @jools!!



80km lead by myself and @Theqg_QG

Group ride with check-out option if you need to drop off. Further details, including route to be posted tonight.