June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Thanks all for a strong ride this morning. Michael my strava died so no idea what my winning sprint time was…!




Thanks everyone for a great ride, excellent start to a Sunday. Don’t thing I can join you for the next few weeks but will certainly be back soon. Thanks PaveVelo for the post ride espresso, much appreciated.
How about an E20 Strava club?


Great ride as ever, thanks all :slight_smile: .


Hey guys, thanks for today, was really great meeting you all and will certainly be making some future appearances!


No worries mate. It was a nice route with lots of hills and sprints.


Good ride, thank you everybody for making it so enjoyable! Look forward to next week.

@AndyL , good to meet you, here are those links:
Bloomsbury Sq bike vault: https://cyclevault.inmidtown.org/index2.php
Route I take to work: https://www.strava.com/routes/5506310
I usually head off at about 7am from East Village, so if that matches up with any of your timings over the next week, I’d be happy to show you the route in.


Fantastic ride and nice to meet you guys

Thanks for the link Albert, will have a look later


If its not on strava it didnt happen :smiley:


Thanks for the ride everyone, needed that after missing last week. Big thanks to Stuart @Sjh for supervising us so safely, pulling everyone into pairs and calling single file when appropriate - Ace work sir.


Velopark laps tonight anyone?


looks great guys. New bike @Lee?


Ha yes well spotted, new summer ride — I just need to lose the belly to reap the benefit of carbon… Still have a love affair with steel going on, I’d love to get me some Reynolds 953 instead of carbon really


Looked at their website last night and the price is very good.
So, walked down to the car park and tried to get more information about how to gain access/key to the vault and the size of the locker. However, there was nobody at the help desk, totally helpless. Need to go back there tomorrow and hopefully someone will be arse to work


The cycle vault is run by midtown who are somewhat separate to the car parking people who actually man it, I’d suggest getting in touch with them directly and they can probably arrange to meet you there and show you around. I am probably about to sign up again as I’m now based in Holborn for the next couple of months. Overall it is a pretty good facility and certainly much better than leaving your bike on the street, it is just quite expensive if you only intend to use it once a month.


I just went up to the office, and a gentleman called Roger explained the whole situation about the vault will be run by a third party company. Then he shown me the entire facility and it looks fabulous.
Going to apply it tonight


Can we have the vault topic separated from the rides ?


Hi all I was unable to make last Sunday due to family/work commitments. I will be sure to be out with you all on this Sunday.

Just realised I asked to see pictures I refresh the page and I see them. Broadband problems apologies lol.

J Singh


Looks like we need a new July thread!