June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Hi, I’m Andy and a newbie here, was chatting with Lee earlier on today, he introduced this site to me. Nice man btw.

But, where is the meeting point of this Sunday? Couldn’t found that post


Hi Andy,
Welcome !

The meeting for every ride is at Victory Park in front of Sainsburry on Celebration Ave.



This looks great and am definitely interested in a ride in-between the sunday accessible ride and your fast and furious ride in terms of intensity, the goal being to build towards the latter. However my knee is just about holding up at the moment so won’t risk it this time.


In for the 8.30am ride. See you all in the morning.



I am Ben and new to this group. I am looking for a group to cycle with.
How does it work do I just need to turn up at the meeting point at 8:30 tomorrow morning?


Hi @BenW, we aim to set off at 0830 so would advise getting there a bit before. But yes, you just need to turn up and introduce yourself. It’s an accessible ride for all levels so great for trying out group riding. Just make sure your bike is in order, you have spares etc in case of a puncture and some food and water. Helmet not compulsory but recommended. Stuart @Sjh will be leading the ride. Look forward to seeing you!



In for the 08:30 tomorrow. Also the group will be pleased to hear that my bike no longer sounds like a fog horn when I brake.


Hi all. Just started riding and would be really interested in joining in in the group ride tomorrow. Out of interest what time do they usually finish?


Hi @Ian_Clark, welcome. Usually back in E20 around 1130. Hopefully see you tomorrow!


@Henry awesome thanks. Also realising I don’t have clothing appropriate or on-bike storage. Might have to take a rucksack (unless that sounds like a super bad idea?)


As long as it’s not too heavy or cumbersome you’ll be fine. Might be difficult fueling during the ride but we stop at High Beach so you can eat at that point. Having a bottle cage is important however.


Evening all,
The weather looks fine for the morning, a mild breeze should push us gently up to High Beech for a couple of hill loops and a espresso break before heading back for 11 ish as promised by Henry. The total distance is around 30 miles and is taken at a pace we are comfortable with, nobody is left behind and we wait at the top of hill for the group to reform. In the group we usually have at least one mechanically minded rider so we are usually able to fix most problems but please do check over your bikes before hand to check for any obvious issues.
See you all in the morning


As long as you’re running 25 or 28 tyres people will be carrying tubes/pumps/etc. so you can get away with it for this week, just make sure you mention it at the meeting point to be sure :smiley:. Or a small rucksack is not the end of the world, just can get a bit annoying over distance.


For whom is going to join the 7.30am ride …
Please try to download the route onto your Garmin.

So far we have @haykelb, @Pastor-Kawesi, and @Liam_N (tentative).

See ya in the morning.


I’m free all for the next 3 weeks. I’m off work so let me know what day and
time is suitable for you.


@ToddYatesUK running 23s… but I’ll bring my own and a bag!


Will be there with Phil @Theqg_QG


Edit: can’t make long ride @Theqg_QG / kids poorly, seeing if Phil and I can make shorter ride instead


On my way


@sjh we found Michael. At High Beach. Will wait for you here.