June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides



From the photo it looks like I was hiding there at the back!

Enjoyed the ride, thank you for having me along, and kudos to @Sjh for those conflict resolution skills!

As long as you’ll have me back, I look forward to seeing you next time…


Great stuff @j1singh and @aahj, Sunday rides are all about getting everyone out on their bikes and enjoying it so new faces are always nice to see.

Only tip I’d offer is for whichever one of you it was that had a rucksack, I forget now. I’d look at getting a little seat/frame bag instead as it really improves the comfort over longer distances. I’m sure @PaveVelo will do you a price match on one if you ask nicely :smiley:.

Hope to see you guys again in future.


Wasn’t myself - would feel too much like a ride to the office more than anything else!

But well done to whoever did manage to lug it up the two short climbs we did…


Was good fun to all, well done all especially the new riders, good to see you out. You’ll be able to gauge what future rides you go for based on yesterday :thumbsup:


Is anyone coming to the VP 10 TT tomorrow ?


I might come along given I might not be able to race weds


Who organises these? Keen to get involved at some point but unlikely to be tomorrow.


I think they are organised by lea valley cc, get there early for registration is some advice I’ve heard, 5:30 ish


Right … They are organised by LV, it is 10£ to attend each time. You have to be there before 5.30 and try to sneak in the place in order to be able to start earlier. It is a very good training.


I’ve been fine getting a place arriving just after 6, but you’ll be racing late if you do that.


#Fast and Furious Sunday Ride

Hopefully the weather situation improves by Sunday, if that’s the case, and you feel you want to go for a fast longish spin, here is my proposal …

Depart: 7.30am + 5 min grace period . If you are going to be late, please text / wazzup to +447789688784 or post here.

Target avg speed: 28-30 km/h

Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/5477699

Distance: 95Km

Elev: about 1000mt

Note: We welcome new riders to the fast rides, but need to keep close to the advertised speed to make sure that people can get the planned training in and make it back for the afternoon plans.

Make sure you bring enough food and drinks, this ride does not include long coffee breaks.



Count me in for the fast ride.


Any plans for an more leisurely ride this sunday? Was hoping to come along if there is, not been on a long fast group ride for a while so feel I should ease myself back in.


The 8.30 ride (details at the top) is inclusive and no-one left behind. Just waiting to confirm ride leader!
See you there?


I’ll lead out on Sunday, if anyone wants a blast around the park before to lenghten the ride before hand let me know.


We will run out to Essex, high beech and home via 3 or more hills depending upon legs and lungs


Many thank, wasn’t sure if leader unconfirmed also meant that the ride
might not happen. See you on Sunday. Justin



Consider me ‘in’ for the shorter Sunday ride.



Saturday Early Allegro Andante Hill Training

I am planning an early ride to Epping on Saturday morning at 7.30am

Avg. speed: moderate, depending on who comes.

Back by 9.30am

Let me know if interested…