June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Sore knee, might give tomorrow a miss. Will see how it is in the morning.


@Sjh — hey Stuart, feeling a bit chesty and developing a cough, but I’m going to attend tomorrow all being well. I’ll probably be taking it a bit easy though. Cheers


I’ll hopefully be along tomorrow, will confirm in the morn around 8!


Hi all,

Just to ask how many people will be doing the road ride to Epping Forest tomorrow?

Also what is the average speed in mph that riders are expected to ride along to?


Hi @j1singh (what’s your first name?)

Number of riders goes up or down according to the weather and people’s Saturday nights! Could be between 5 and 18 based on recent rides

Sunday mornings are ‘no-one left behind’ so as long as you are confident riding on roads with traffic you will be fine. Please let Stuart, the ride leader, know if you haven’t ridden in a group before

On Epping rides stronger riders are encouraged to push themselves harder on the hills, or add in extra hills or laps, so everyone can get a decent workout if they push themselves

Just make sure your tyres are pumped up and say hi!


It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be slower than me!


Hi Jools,

My first name is Jazz. Thank you for your reply. It siunds good fun. I shall plan to see you all tomorrow at Sainsburys start point at 8:30am.

Is there a confirmed route or is this yet to be discussed?


@Sjh knee is still dodgy this morning. Gutted! Weather looks great! Enjoy, guys.

@j1singh the route will be up to Epping Forest similar to this https://www.strava.com/routes/5378639


Thank you Henry.


Confirming I’ll be along .


Sadly can’t make the ride today, take some photos for Instagram - enjoy


Enjoy the ride ! The weather looks perfect today.
I may see you when you get back.


Nice ride out to Epping this morning, thanks @Sjh. Great to see a bunch of new faces today, and perfect weather too!


Thanks for all that came out today, really “eventful” trip up to the hills which we all rode excellently.
Michael, thanks for looking after the mechanicals. I propose that Michael holds the title for swiftest puncture change in approx 2 mins 30 seconds, outstanding behaviour! Any new punctures that happen on runs,please time and we’ll have a trophy and wooden spoon at Christmas!


How comes suddenly so many punctures ? I understood from @jools that there have been a few yesterday also.


Everybody remember the pre- ride checks and keep the tyre pressures up!

And check out GCN for advice with their “how to minimise punctures” video:


Stock tyres was Henry’s problem yesterday, he upgraded his tyres. Also lots of glass and flinty bits kicking around after all the rain lately

Great idea Stuart


Yeah, Shwalbe Lugano were the tyres which I ran at the 100psi limit. Only had 1 puncture on the rear tyre in past 1k miles, but looks like they fail very quickly once they reach a point. 2 punctures in <200 meters despite checking before tube change :unamused:

The amount of smashed glass on the roads these days is insane. Can’t go 500 meters without having to slalom a smashed beer bottle.


Good evening all,

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to all the team especially the ride leaders front and rear. This was my first time doing the ride to which I bring along my elder brother Jazz and cousin Dav who both throughly enjoyed the whole experience.

My elder brother Jazz would like to personally thank Micheal for helping him on the many times he ran out of fire power in his legs and also along which his puncher - Total STAR :wink:

We all plan to be regulars from now on and plan to train to improve personal fitness and health. Great support all along the way especially for the killer his which totally took my by surprise.

Overall a fantastic bunch who are kind, caring and professional. Hope to see you all on the next run.

Many Thanks to you all.


Hi Jazz,

Great meeting you guys today.

Hopefully see you next week