June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


#long fast ride Sunday - update

I am thinking of following @jools’s foot steps and riding his route tomorrow morning at 7.30am.

Depart: 7.30am + 5 min grace time. If you are going to be late, please text / wazzup to +447789688784 or post here.

Target avg speed: 28-30 km/h

Route: https://www.strava.com/activities/605676345 (thanks to @jools)

GPX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rquq591dyzywgf3/Great_Dunmow_Ouch_.gpx?dl=0

Distance: 115km

Elev: 578mt

Note: We welcome new riders to the fast rides, but need to keep close to the advertised speed to make sure that people can get the planned training in and make it back for the afternoon plans.

Make sure you bring enough food and drinks, this ride does not include long coffee breaks.



I followed jools out today, it is a very enjoyable route, huge thanks @jools but don’t think I’ll be out tomorrow, enjoy!


That’s a bit swift!

No-one’s allowed to beat my brand new strava segment top 10


Hey, we didn’t do too bad , we averaged 27.5k fuelled by cake…were we not taking it serious enough? :grinning:


You did ! And I am sorry I couldn’t join , Saturday is booked for the family. Records are to be beaten though :slight_smile:


Assuming the multiple big bassy music parties currently happening in and around my block stop at a vaguely sensible time I’ll be there for the 08:30 ride tomorrow.

If we’re doing the long route (which I’d like to) then I’ll probably skip the Lippitts loops but we’ll see. Also depends on my knee but hopefully it’ll be better now with the adjustments.

Edit: Also weather might be an issue. Cross fingers!


Really wish I could make this ride. Hopefully next Sunday I should be back up and cycling. Have fun guys


@Henry / @Theqg_QG sorry I couldn’t make today’s rides — nursing a mild hangover this morning


Currently looking for an ‘early leave’ Sunday ride, say 7am or earlier if anyone fancies, catch is I have to be back for 10:45am


Who’s up for a 100 miles ride this Sunday. 28-30KM/H Leaving about 6:30. To Cambridge and back via the A10 or any other route you have in mind. I’m back on the road now got my bike sorted out


Dunwich Dynamo Training Ride number 3

Hi All
Planning another early Saturday long ride to help gear up for Dunwich Dynamo (or any other longer event)

Currently looking at 0730 start to beat the traffic, heading over to Richmond Park. Few laps, coffee stop, few more laps, home. Looking at 100 something km, faster than Sunday rides, but there is the possibility of train/overground back from Richmond for anyone who has buried themselves on the laps.

Please let me know if you can make it. There were quite a few people who wanted DD training rides so I know you’re out there somewhere! I will also buy coffee for best example of sock doping


Away for the next 2 weekends, quite keen to do the fast 100 mile cambridge run though at some point!


I’m in for Saturday.


i’m in


Hi everyone
Especially anyone new to E20CC rides

Just to clarify:
Sunday morning club ride at 0830, led by the lovely Stuart. Details at the top of this thread

Saturday morning Dunwich Dynamo training ride 3 at 0730, led by the slightly less lovely me



@parvesh Don’t forget to charge your GoPro :slight_smile:



New to E20, newish to cycling, would love to start joining some of the Sunday morning rides.

I’m a long way off being a ‘quality rider’, but I comfortably do my commute into central London each day, and do an 18 mph average over an hour and a half at the velopark.

So it might be a bit early to be talking about fast laps of Richmond Park, but if the Epping route on Sunday is doable, and at a sympathetic pace, then I look forward to meeting you…



Hi Albert
Happy to have you along. Come along on Sunday to get a feel for the range of different riders - it’s no-one left behind, but feel free to push it on the hill loops in the forest

The other rides kind of coalesce depending on interests and availability, so you’ll find more rides with others I’m sure


Good to see you here Albert, I’ve added you to a couple of local sections:

East Village Community:

E20cc Members:

See you Sunday fella


Thanks Lee, most kind of you, as always. See you tomorrow, Albert