June 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Aha, you did, totally missed that.


Welcome new folks, especially @Mitch_Karunaratne — good to see you on Yonder.

@Michael_James / @Theqg_QG — I’m out of town, back Sunday lunchtime. Hope you have a good ride, nice route and props for the links/comms @Theqg_QG


Hi Sunday 7:30ers - I won’t be there today - I twisted me knee in the shower - sounds lame I know :smirk:. I was really looking forward to the route.

Have a great ride - I will hopefully join you next week!


not a bad ride. Thanks guys


Well that was undulating…Thanks for the help along the way guys. Much appreciated.


Can I get access to the closed group?


Thank you all for today’s early ride on the new route to Redlett … finally we made it without getting lost and without leaving anyone behind.

See you next Sunday … or earlier.

Have a good evening.


Nice casual ride down through Greenwich today, thanks @Michael_James for leading.


Added — sorry mate, didn’t notice you weren’t already in. Also added you @Henry


@Lee cheers


Anyone up for a ride tonight? Thinking of doing laps of the velopark circuit or hill repeats in Epping.


Hi folks, will be my pleasure to lead us out on Sunday for the Accessible Ride. As usual, this ride is for all levels with no one left behind.

Depending on who turns up, we shall head up to High Beach in Epping Forest and do 1 or 2 loops of Lippitts Hill. Legs and weather permitting, we can then either take the short route back, or the longer route via Bumble’s Green and Harlow.

Route 1: https://www.strava.com/routes/5318129

Route 2 (via Bumble’s and Harlow): https://www.strava.com/routes/5318347

Meet at Victory Park as usual at 0815 for an 0830 depart. Aiming to be back in E20 by 1130. My number in case you are delayed is 07496769679.

Please “Like” this post if you are sure to be there on Sunday so that I have an idea of numbers. Any questions, ask away!


Hi Henry,

I like the look of this ill be there



Dunwich Dynamo Training Ride Two

Saturday morning looks dry with little wind at the moment
Let me know if you’re interested in another early long ride, whether to build up the legs for Dunwich Dynamo or just to get a longer ride in. I can go for 0730 start again for those that need to be back early

Aiming for 100-120km steady (26-27kph average) group riding. If you’re new to longer rides, do bring more food than you think you need



Hello, separate from E20cc, there is another ride departing from the View Tube on Sunday 12th, this is co-ordinated by the Newham Cyclists. Contact Bill (07895392280) for more information or visit: http://newhamcyclists.org.uk/event/river-ride/

River Ride - 12th June
Departing 10am from the View Tube – this is a variation on our Newham Ride, crossing the river using foot tunnel & ferry (both free). Easy paced approx 20 miles no hills. We will stop at cafe at Emirates air line cable car south terminal at approx half way for refreshments -this will be an opportunity for people to return to Newham via cable car and shorten ride if desired unassisted (note there is a fee for cable car). Return by 3pm via greenway



If anyone wants to do the Saturday morning ride, please let me know here or via whatsapp on 07939504934


I’d like to come out if you’re still going


You’re on. 0730 (aaarrrggghhh)


Hi guys. I need a bike mechanic asap tomorrow would be good. I was changing the cable on my giant propel and I’m have trouble getting them in. hHELP! !!!


Could drop in at @PaveVelo and see if they can help you, recommend getting in early though as it always seems to be busy.