July 2018: Training, Club and Accessible Rides


I’ve ended up staying out of Stratford so I won’t be able to make it sorry! Have a great ride


What a ride !!! Thank you guys!


Chilled Blackmore ride tomorrow lead by @MdeBokx and me. Ride post to come shortly.


Looking to do about 75/80 miles tomorrow - mid pace no drop

Anyone keen and/or have a route they can recommend?


Ride leaders: @Henry @MdeBokx Club Ride - Blackmore loop - with a stop at the tea rooms
Date: 15.07.18
Avg. Pace: 26kph (chilled)
Distance: 92km
Setting off: Usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in Victory Park at 08:30
Saddle time: 3-4 hours
Drop: No drop - but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above
Route: Blackmore route.gpx (153.8 KB)

Hi guys, we’ll be leading a ride to Blackmore tea rooms, taking the route that gets us to Blackmore after 70 odd k of riding. The pace will be chilled, however if you come along please be comfortable with the distance. Meet at 8.15 for 8.30 departure.


Accessible/ Hill training Ride - High beach with the option of hill loops.
Ride leaders: @Henry @MdeBokx
Date: 22.07.18
Avg. Pace: 23kph (chilled)
Distance: 50km
Setting off: Usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in Victory Park at 08:30
Saddle time: 2- 3 hours
Drop: No drop - but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above. The hill loops will be done at individual pace, there and back is no drop.

Hi guys, as usual we are taking the accessible ride out to high beach/ the acorn hut. Additional to this we are doing hill loops on Lippits and Mott street for any one who wants to get some climbs in! (Both Henry and me will be doing the hill loops, so if you do not want to climb or stay at the acorn hut please make sure you are comfortable cycling back to E20.) The hill loops will be done at individual pace, so you can do as many or as little as you want, or as intense or relaxed as you want, no stress! We will all join back together and cycle back to E20 :smiley:

Please make sure your bike is :ok_hand:, check brakes (important for descending safely!) and you take enough water / snacks to refuel. The tea hut sells snacks and drinks but only takes cash so be prepared if you want anything.

Let me know below if you’re coming :smile:
See you guys there!


Do you know if there’s any other rides going out this weekend? I was hoping to get out but repeated hill climbs sounds like my worst nightmare?


If it’s your worst nightmare maybe it’s a good idea to do it? :wink: ahaha nah, I’m not sure, I think people usually post rides a little closer to Sunday so keep your eyes peeled, or you could always post a ride if you feel like leading :smiley:


It’s not really repeated hill climbs. The ride to Epping and back is relatively flat, goes a little uphill towards the end. Once you’re at the hut you can skip the hills and drink tea, or do a little loop around a flatter bit, or a smaller hill like Wellington, or just do one casual hill loop which has a few ups and downs so you do get a break on the way round.

I’m up in Glasgow this weekend so can’t join but looking forward to getting out in the new kit soon. :sunglasses:

Keep thinking about taking the accessible over to Greenwich for a change one week. Did the route a couple of times but over a year ago so need to figure the route out exactly and maybe need a co-leader.


Hi! I would love to come on the accessible- I promise to actually come this time! See you tomorrow


Count me in :smiley:

Bring on the climbs!!


I’ll be there and will pick up jersey afterwards if that’s cool :+1:t3:


Is anyone else up for 40-60 miles tomorrow 16-17mph average? The route below would be good although open to any route.


Up for the accessible.


@scott-lambert I’m up for a mid paced ride. Could also do mott -> high beech -> tawney loop and back (~40 miles) or we did a good Blackmore route a few weeks ago that was ~50 miles.


@Jon happy with whatever route everyone wants to do. Blackmore route would be good. We can decide tomorrow morning, see you then.


I’m good for whatever ride(s) materialise tomorrow. Will be there 8.20 or so.


Despite my earlier enthusiasm, I’ve started to feel a bit unwell so may not make it tomorrow :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Great hill loops yesterday my group! Awesome meeting the new riders (@lilypb and Alan!) Theres a big collection of photos on WhatsApp but it’d b nice to see some on here too :smiley: