July 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


Hackney GT are running cx training on hackney marsh wednesday evening 7pm if that floats your boat. £3 a session

It’s July (not June) but cross is coming…


Hi, I would like to join a ride this Sunday. Is there going to be one?



Hey guys,

It has been a while, but I’ll be around Sunday morning 830 to lead an Accessible ride up to High Beach for some Hill Loops.

Let me know ahead here if you plan on joining.



Hoping to be there @Henry as long as can get my bike back from Pave today, heading over there so on.

Edit: Bike all sorted :+1:.


I’m in.
Possibly I will be joined by first timer. My colleague from work is also based in e20. He is ex pro football player do I hope he can keep up on his first longer ride.


I’m in


I’m in! Been a while, see you guys tomorrow


Just wanted to note that I always get a great reaction to the design of the E20CC jersey when I join a ride organised by others. (I know one person who arranged lots of rides who thinks it’s the best jersey design in East London - and I always acknowledge @Theqg_QG Guido’s insistence on pink being in there)

I may be setting the cats amongst the pigeons, but it would be great to have one that fits properly…

(For newer riders, this is due to change in size, not lack of quality in the jersey)


It has grown on me as a jersey. I had discussed with Stu a while back that it would also be good to have a winter (sorry for mentioning!) jacket too. I have a great winter jacket that I use alot when it gets colder and having an E20 one would be nice.

Do you mean the same style jersey in a different size, or an aero jersey?


As long as it fits and has pockets… (and the aero arms like current one)

Winter one would be good too


I quite want a winter jacket…


Once again I would be up for jersey and bibs if we do order



A second attempt at the route on 02/07.

I’m going to take it fairly easy and lead a mid-speed & distance pan flat route on Sunday, via the tea room in Blackmore, for anyone who wants to join. I’ll need to reserve the right to drop out before or during the ride if my leg rehab isn’t going to plan though. Make sure you know you can manage the ride if you’re going to join.

Departure time: Usual 8:30am
Length: 80km / 50mi
Avg Speed: 28Km/h (33kph rolling speed) / 17mph (20mph)
Route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/15640106

Stealing from the policy Guido put up for his ride:

  • have the route loaded in your garmin as you may have to find your way back home (I might be the one left behind if my leg explodes)

  • have spare parts tubes, a pump, a phone, and a card so that you can deal with mechanicals

  • Bring along enough food for eating during the ride, this is super important to remember if you’re mostly riding 40 miles or less (you’ll bonk after 2 or so hours if you don’t take on about 2-300cals per hour during the ride, you can’t tough out bonking or train to prevent it, you just need to eat http://cyclinguphill.com/energy-consumption-whilst-cycling/2)

  • bring water!

Look forward to seeing you out there!


Not around this weekend as I have somehow been convinced to take the bike Lunteren in the Netherlands for the weekend with some friends. Friends who are much faster than me, I should add!

If you see any news articles about an English guy riding the wrong way down a Dutch motorway it’s probably me.


Up for this :smiley:, Also Todd I’m sure you’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue: Holland is wonderful to cycle through, tough winds though! (coming from a Dutchie)


Hi all, I’ll be joining on Sunday, I think @jools is up for it too and tagging on some extra KMs for anyone interested


Yep - @David - I think I’ll take up your suggestion of coming up to Blackmore then adding on some extra distance


I might add the extra kms too if my leg is holding up.

See you all at 8.30 tomorrow!


I shall be along too


I’ll be there for this ride along with John.