July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Ben tornato Guido!
An E20 ride? Or the Pru ride? If it’s E20 you mean, I’m in…


Good luck to everyone on the pru ride tomorrow! As for the E20 ride, I’ll be there.


Hi Albert, thanks. Yes I meant the e20 ride. I should be there tomorrow.


Hoping to be out, will confirm in the morn :thumbsup:


Just confirming I’ll be along!


Due to family issues I won’t be able to ride today


At the start!

@Kebab_Chris @Michael_James


Won’t be out for the 08:30 today, enjoy the ride.


On my way may be 5 mins late


Back in Stratford. Sorry about holding you all up earlier. Found the culprit into the end, the tiniest sharp of glass embedded in my tyre wall.

@Henry thanks for the spare tube, if you let me know what type of was I’ll get you another one.

Hope the rest of the ride was good and uneventful!


@DavidC no worries mate. The tube was a standard Continental race tube, 700c 23>25 I think. As long as it’s a 25 it’s fine.

Good day out on the saddle guys and gals and great seeing everyone!


How did u get on. Strava not showing my ride🙄


Compare the happiness at the start in your picture, to the exhaustion at the end in mine!

How did your ride go? @Kebab_Chris @Michael_James


@David did strava upload your ride? For some reason I can’t see my ride on strava. Abyway how did you get on what was your average speed?


@Pastor-Kawesi Strava was down last night and early this morning. I managed to upload mine a few hours ago.

I did the Ride 100 in 4.55 with avr. speed around 20.1MPH. I think it was a good move setting off early due to all the delays. My bro took over 9 hours but was only actually riding for 5.55 of that!! Said he spent most of the time stood still.

Was a great ride though, highly recommended.


I did it with my girlfriend and had similar issues. We did it together and finished with a moving time of 5.03 but was held up for an hour and 40 behind the big crash and then again for about 10 behind another. Somehow managed to get a pb up box hill even though it was full of traffic!


Would be keen on some hill training but weekends in August are a bit of a nightmare for me. Would be keen on some midweek intervals somewhere


I did mine in 4:41 average speed 21mph. Yeah it was an awesome ride. I left out at 07:31 so I miss most of the hold up only a few minor ones held me


I will come along with you guys if the time is convenient


Do you use a garmin? Download the gpx file from garmin connect and manually upload it to strava.

I did pretty much the same as you as I did 4.39 myself at 7.22 (4.37 moving time and a 2 min break at mile 48).