July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Ill be there about 6.30. See you there!


I normally do it in intervals of about 8 laps taking it in turns on the front with others. In a group the average speed can be quite high. Would probably be aiming for about 36-40kmph. It might sound high but its quite flat and a closed road. If its too much to do that on the front just stick in the wheels. Its good fun.


Disaster! Well, I am going again tonight if you wanted to do it again :slight_smile:


Rest day today. I’m planning on doing the crit tomorrow


I’ll be there tonight from 6ish. I’ll be wearing a purple jersey with ‘Scope’ written on the front so say hi if you see me.

@DaveBrady - that’s a pretty quick pace but I’ll try and cling on for a bit.



I am planning on potentially doing next weeks but couldnt sign up anymore. I haven’t done one before so will be watching tomorrows anyway.


Added you in ツ


Good to meet you last night @DaveBrady, hope you had a good session on the track. Let’s try and book in some group sessions in the next few weeks.



Anyone interested in a casual ride around the RideLondon Freecycle route on Saturday?

As long as the weather is fine I was thinking of aiming to get to the East end of the route for the 09:00 start time, do one lap up to Hyde Park and back before it all gets super busy (but don’t expect a work out, it’s a family event) and we should be home in time for lunch.

Someone said they were interested, possibly @edward?

I know people are mostly into more serious stuff and some people are away or on the proper ride on Sunday, but it’s a nice route without the traffic, so thought I’d suggest it.


We may be going down to the freeride, not quite sure at the moment or what time we’d head out


I’m actually flexible on time, no plans for the day. Based on last year I’d say earlier is better just as it gets really busy, but could tag along with whatever. Also if it’s raining or whatever I’m probably going to abandon the entire thing!


It’s unlikely you’ll find a group on a Tuesday no? Thursday evening is the best time for a peloton


That’s how you can save some previous time in the morning …


Hill climb racing season is fast approaching! Starting next week I think I’m going to start adding some structured hill climb intervals/drills to my training (probably on Mott Street). Haven’t decided when it’ll be yet - perhaps next Saturday - but I was wondering if anyone else was interested in joining?


should we have a thread for smug holiday photos…:smiley:


get involved with the hill climbing


What is your start time @Theqg_QG ? I’m in the very first wave at 6am. Not sure how or why.


@modboy … I doubt I will be riding tomorrow any time before 7.30am. Just landed and I have a few family duties before making any plans.


Anyone riding tomorrow ?


I’m not certain, I might be out but may only do a shorter local ride.