July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


leaving now


Too sore to do a big ride today! On the plus side stadium loops are finally open!!!


for real open? They’ve been teasing @Trudy_Sharam saying it was open when it was still blocked. Excellent


Thanks to @jools and @Sjh for leading out today.


Check my Strava for proof!!



Great ride in the sunshine today, some new faces, and a record attendance!


Thanks everyone for a great ride out today. I hope you see you all again in a couple of weeks. Can I be added to the E20 closed group please.




Great news @Alan! Im going to do some midweek loops after work then if anyone’s keen. Mornings don’t really work for me :thumbsup:


Yes @jools apparently open but they’ve installed these buggers!! Automatic ramps apparently… Watch your tyres.


Nice to join the group today for the first time. Look forward to joining again in a few weeks. Good luck to those in the 100 next week!


Hi there

Keen to join for rides going forward and around the next two Sundays if rides are going ahead?

Can I be added to the E20CC Members Group as well?




Assuming I feel okay tomorrow - I was planning to do fast laps at the velopark tomorrow about 6.30 - aiming for 22mph+ average.



I would be keen for doing some quick laps around the velopark tomorrow. Would be good if there was a few of us to get a speedy group going around.


Cool, can’t work out if we’ve ridden together before from your username :sweat_smile:. I’ll be in my orange jersey on my green/white cannondale.

As it is a circuit with cut throughs anyone who joins can drop on and off as they need to depending on their pace.


BTW, I went to the velopark earlier today. Just realised that we posted saying tomorrow on different days… d’oh!


What time are you planning on going


I’ll be keen for getting into a bit of midweek laps at the velopark. Unfortunately I had a go of the stadium Laps last night and I won’t be doing it again it’s way too bumpy, over the course of an hour your bike would disintegrate haha!


Hi Nick

Will be good to have you along. Check the post at the top of the thread for details

We’re just needing to confirm ride leader



Keen to join although it might not be tonight. What sort of pace do you average?

I normally go myself and try improve my pace over an 1/1.5 hours, would be good to see how fast other are though to gauge whats actually possible in terms of group circuits :thumbsup: