July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Framlingham Oasis


Thank you guys for joining this morning ride. Finally I got my recovery pizza


Bbbbona la pizza! Is that in the new place just opened?

To bring it back on topic, thank you Guido for leading out this morning!


Dunwich Dynamo done, well done all!


Hi All

I’ve just heard the loop road is open again, which means park circuits/laps could be back on.

Does anyone know if it has? Will go and have a look myself tonight.

If so early morning training laps before work anyone?

I’m thinking an hour 6:30 - 7:30am or 6:00 - 7:00 if I can out of bed!



Heading to Cambridge tomorrow morning via the A10 it’s about 100 miles there and back. Travelling at an average speed of 28 to 30 kmp depending on the wind. Leaving out at 5:30 6 anyone want to come along hit me up. 07538023895


Checked loop road this evening - still blocked



Noooooooooo they lied to me!!! :weary::weary::weary: I got really excited about free loop training!


sorry mate … I got swamped with work


I can’t work out whether 5.30 is am or pm. Both seem a little silly…


It was 5.30 am and no it’s not silly to me. I choose that time for a reason simple because it is a long ride and I wanted to be back in London for a certain time therefore that time was convenient for me. Anyway I went there and back and it was a really good but tough ride. Thanks guys



love it !


Is anyone doing the Sunday ride? Weather looks good! Me and a friend are keen to get in 70 miles… How many did everyone do last Sunday? Sorry I didn’t make it, pulled my hamstring playing netball on Saturday


I don’t remember agreeing to 70 miles!
But yeah why not.




Hi Everyone
We’re leading two club rides at 8.30 this Sunday morning

Stuart @Sjh will lead the regular accessible ride to Epping. No-one left behind. About 40km

Jools @jools will be leading a medium paced (c25kph average) 55km ride for stronger riders

Both rides give you the chance to push yourself on Epping Forest hills, and I definitely encourage gelato and coffee afterwards.

If you’re new to e20cc please read the post at the top and say Hi on here



I’m Nick, I live on the south side of the Olympic park - not strictly E20, but hope that doesn’t exclude me from riding with you guys.

I ride reasonably regularly at the velopark road circuit, and out in to Essex on weekends / some week nights.

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday morning.


Will be great to have you along @Nick_Bell

E20CC is named for the new bit of Stratford but is certainly not exclusive!


Hi Everyone,

Me and @Kebab_Chris are heading over to richmond park in the morning we are hoping to leave by 8 if anyone wanted to come along