July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


That’s my old stomping ground. I was planning to do a ride like that this weekend or next, but going a bit more epic, saving on rail fares, and spending a much bigger % of the time in the countryside by doing a Epsom-Ditchling-Epsom route, which is about 95 miles, make that 105 miles getting from stratford to waterloo and back, or about 110 getting the overground to Richmond and starting from there. I have an even better route to Steyning Bostal and back https://www.strava.com/activities/544438823/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-GB&v=1460573769 .

The route is fairly flat for the area, but at about 5000-6000ft of climbing and 100 miles it is quite a brute - especially hitting pebble combe at about 85 miles in… Last time I averaged 17mph solo in winter kit, so I’d want to aim for 18-19mph moving speed (with 3 cake breaks).


How far is the ride on Sunday, about 25km?


It depends … the common ride to Epping is usually about 35km.

Other rides go far beyond that.

Rides profiles (distance, route, target speed) for the weekends are posted on Thursday / Friday when the weather conditions are known a bit better.


OK cool thanks! I’ll keep an eye out later in the week then :slight_smile:


Is anyone going to the Velopark for a few laps this evening ?


Is anyone planing a 50 - 60 miler on Sunday or know any good routes? Need to get a decent ride in for Pru100 training.


Dunwich Dynamo?


Isn’t that 200km? Bit too much of a step up from my 20 - 30 mile days :frowning:


Happy to lead the ride on Sunday.

Meeting point: Victory Park opposite side of Sainsbury
Departing time: 8:30 + 5 min grace period
Route: From E20 to Epping and back
Reference Route on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/619985425

Once in Epping, whoever feels like burning extra cals with a few loops can carry on, while other can simply chat over a coffee.

Average Speed: 22-25km/h (13mph-15mph)
Distance: about 35km (22 mi)

In case you are late for the ride, please post it here or text / whatapp-me to +447789688784


Hi @Barbara_Bryson … feel free to join me on the Sunday ride, depending on who’s coming we can extend the route to cover a longer distance.


Hey yeah I think I will! I’m pretty bad at directions on my bike (lol) but might try and do a few loops. Seriously under-trained this time around for a 100 mile cycle :-/


I’ll be out Sunday morning and would be happy to push the distance/speed out as far as the group allows…


welcome in @aahj.


Yeah I’m thinking of doing 50 miles this Sunday. Not sure who else is coming along


Deff keen for the Sunday ride, would also like to do a bit more than the usual if others are keen


Great 190km to the South with about 2000 mt climb today.

Thanks @David for leading through the route. It was fun until you left and we had to relay on @haykelb’s garmin to get to Richmond … That device is meaner than Hall9000 in 2001 Space Odyssey.


Won’t be at the 08:30 tomorrow, may do something a little later, enjoy the ride :slight_smile: .


I don’t know where I am


More photos please! Gutted I’m not out.


Hi. Can’t make the cycle tomorrow. Am gutted but keen for next Sunday. Have a good one