July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Anyone else up for a long ride this Sunday


I think Haykel was planning on joining…

Perhaps 60 miles or so leaving 8am, aiming to average 20ish once we’re outside the busy London roads.


Yes count me in for tomorrow. The earlier the better would be great!


8 is a bit too late for me. What about 7.30 and do u have a route plan


7.30 works for me. I was thinking of trying one of two new routes I have. I’ll upload a garmin file when I get back to my PC


Ok no problem I’m up for that. Hopefully not much hills lol


0730 sounds good to me


Not really any hills TBH


Seriously what hills ? :smile:


Certainly nothing categorised in the road book!


Not riding this Sunday but should be around again next week. Enjoy the sunshine.


Guys it’d windy out there


Had to run erands this morning, sorry I couldn’t make the ride today


Good summer ride today all :slight_smile: - @Michael_James do you have those links you mentioned to me?


Hi Ian,

Get the ride membership and it includes Insurance




Amazing, £11.70 for first year!


Dunwich Dynamo
Hi Guys
It’s DD next weekend and I know some E20CC riders are planning on doing it, some for the first time

I will start a separate thread for this, but it also means we may have fewer volunteers to lead next week’s regular ride

If you’re happy to lead next Sunday, it would be great to hear from you here


Working this weekend but hope to join you all again soon.



Good ride today early group. Here’s the photo we tricked the random lady into taking!


Should we try a London-Brighton next week ?