July 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Enjoyed it, and hope that everybody made it back to where they need to be.
Thank you @jools for leading, and @ToddYatesUK hope no serious damage to self or bike.


Hi Jools,

I just emailed her I’ll post when she replies



Hi @j1singh
Did you guys sort yourselves out ok?


Bit of a scuff on the brake levers but the other side already had one so now they match!


Sorry to hear this mate, glad you are ok! Feel free to pop the bike in for a check over


Hi Jools,

The other two managed to get home safe and sound. One of them had totally run out of fire power due to the heat and being totally dehydrated. Soon after meeting back with them and after a bottle of water they were steady on their way home.

Yet again a excellent ride as always and looking forward to next week.

ToddYatesUK - i hope you are feeling better after that incident.

Excellent team effort guys.
Jazz Singh


Michael said to get the torque checked on the front fork anyway, as he had to straighten it a little bit, so you’ll see me tomorrow probably.


Hi. Keen to do the cycle on the 17th as need to do a big one for Pru100. Is it just 25 miles? Do you have any longer ones planned this month? Babs x


Hi Babs
Regular Sunday morning ride is Epping Forest and back and is quite inclusive

People do arrange additional, longer or faster rides, so it would be good to know about your fitness and speed if you’re considering one of those. Normally we advise joining the regular Sunday ride first to get an idea of pace, etc. before joining a tougher ride

This might be a bit late for Ride 100 though!


I’m heading out for a long ride out into Essex in the morning. Should be approx 130km. Anyone fancy joining me?


For anyone new to group riding, more serious road riding, wanting a reminder, or some hints and tips, do have a look at the British Cycling Ride Smart videos here:



I also have some pro tips: don’t ride into the other bikes and avoid the floor as it is quite hard.


Anyone fancy some laps at the Velopark? I’m already here if anyone else can join.


Dunwich Dynamo training ride

Anyone interested in another early long ride on Saturday morning? Can leave 7.30 for 120km jaunt into Essex and back, in part following DD route

Will aim for steady 26kph or thereabouts. Some small hills early on with rest of route flat or rolling.

Let me know


Who’s up for a long fast early sunday ride?


Still recovering from last ride! Planning to do 10km run instead ahead of the run next week!


Not going to make it out on Saturday morning, but really looking forward to Sunday, and putting my new “Red Terror” through it’s paces for the first time!


I’d be up for tomorrow if you’re still planning on going?


Yep-still can do
730 usual place?
can head to great dunmow- 120km or so


How long and how early