January 2018: Training, Club & Accessible Rides


Will try to join you guys up to Epping tomorrow. Then I need to leave you and get to B Stortford!


Whoops! Sorry can’t make it today - apologies and have a good run


Very pleasant ride today folks! @Dilesh hope you made it to Bishops Stortford alright, and @kb325 pleasure meeting you, you’ll be topping the leaderboards on those hills in no time!! Some pictures below, including one of @Shaun putting in a monstrous sprint at the top of Lippits :wink: Thanks @MdeBokx and @Sjh for co-leading.


Ahhh sorry to miss you all! Back soon


Thanks @Henry and @MdeBokx for the ride today, I think saying I co-led is a bit rich!:wink: I hope to be out again next Sunday but can never commit properly till a day or so before hence I won’t post a ride but… 50k Epping and back via a hill or two, gentle as I’m unfit and have a dodgy knee…


I don’t suppose anyone has a link to a Strava recording for this ride? I’m interested to see the route you took, and what a “hill loop” looks like…


@aglet Here is the route, though my Garmin didn’t start recording for a few km into the route!

We tend to ride upto high beach acorn hut though follow different routes (some following this way and some going via epping new road) At the acorn hut we will have a break, some food and something to drink before deciding whether we want to ride up some of the hills around the area or head back to E20 :smile:

Here is one with a hill loop:


Thanks, that doesn’t look too horrendous ← words I will probably later bitterly regret typing


@aglet hahaha! No worries :wink: It’s a nice ride, nothing too crazy hill wise…