January 2018: Training, Club & Accessible Rides


@kb325 Yes! We love seeing new faces :smile: See you tomorrow morning!


I’ll join tomorrow too,


Hoping to join the two of you for some hills down South.

Will cycle to the observatory for 9am.



Hey all,
If the weather is good (I mean not raining), probably going to stretch the legs tomorrow during the day at Lee Valley on the track. If anyone is free to ride and fancy a coffee give me shout! :smiley:

I will also try to pop down for 6:30pm ish on Thursday if anyone is attending?

All the best,


Sunday 21.01.18

Club Ride

NB - Meet point Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park @ 08:00
(Blackheath Ave, London, SE10 8XJ)

Ride Leaders: Chris (@SeaAyeRobson)
Avg. Pace: 25 kmph
Distance: 65 km/850m elevation
Saddle Time: 2h 45m
Drop: No
More Info:

It was enjoyed so much last week I’ve decided to run it again for those who couldn’t make it and anyone else who fancies trying some new lanes. Embracing the terrain South of the River once more this is a short, sharp hunt for hills out towards the Kent border. Having ridden it last week we now know there are some great climbs and descents and with this ‘proper’ start time a perfect winter route in distance, time and training aspects. - We will meet at The Royal Observatory 08:00 for a 08:30 departure.

Route can be viewed here
Downloaded here: E20CC Club Ride 21.01.18.gpx (116.0 KB)
Strava event is here

Easy ride from E20 to SE10 or bikes can be taken on the DLR

  • Stratford - Canary Wharf / Canary Wharf - Greenwich

Please do let me know ahead of time if you would like to get involved and drop me a message if you have any questions. Cheers :v:t3:


Hi all - re: Club Ride 21.01 I will continue to monitor the weather and the forecast across the route and make a decision on safety this evening.
I have a friend out in Brockley who is reporting poor conditions in the lanes (lots of debris and BIG potholes hidden by rain water) but he’s goig to update me again later on.


Guys - weather is set to get worse so best to cancel for safety.


Hi everyone, my dad is coming down on Saturday and we’re planning a ride out to Blackmore tea rooms :smiley: It’ll follow our usual Sunday loop and we’re planning a coffee at the tea room.

  • Average pace will be around 26-28kmh
  • It will be a drop ride so if you plan on comming along please make sure that you can manage this speed.
  • Set off time will be around 10am (though this depends how long it takes for my dad to drive down from the Midlands, so this is a rough estimate.)
  • Regular meet up point across from Sainsburies
  • We will probably go back to hand after the ride for another coffee like we usually do on club rides.

Please let me know if youre interested in joining! :smile:
:v: Marinthe


Hey @MdeBokx I’m up for this, I’ll make my way over for around 10:00 and just keep in touch if it’s any different :+1:t3:


Awesome! :smile: I’ll keep this post updated :+1:


I’ll be popping to Lee Valley track in about an hour (black and green Giant TCR) if anyone is around? :smile:


@Richard_Mitchell I wish! Have a good ride :smile:


@MdeBokx Haha, next time! Thanks :smile:


Yeah! @Richard_Mitchell I’m usually doing laps on a Thurday evening :slightly_smiling_face: A bunch of us from E20cc used to cycle together when the evenings were a little lighter, I think it’ll become more popular again the next few months :+1:


Thursdays clash with running for me but aiming to do Wednesday on the road circuit more often now it’s open that evening

If anyone has good training sessions they do on the circuit, wouldn’t be good to hear. I’ve done things like half lap intervals, seated efforts, 10 mile TT, etc but always good to hear different ideas


I can do Wednesdays too and swap other activities to Thursday :+1::smiley: I usually do a 20km TT (since I train on my tri bike and it’s great to be able to do a fullgas sprint effort). Though also do interval sprint sessions on the road bikes, of course if we ride in a group I would ride the road bikes and not the B16 :slightly_smiling_face:


Sunday 28.01.18

Accessible Ride

Normal meeting point, across from Sainsbury’s at 08.15 for 08.30 depart

Ride Leaders: @Henry

Avg. Pace: 21 kph

Distance: 40-50 km

Saddle Time: 2 - 3h

Drop: No

This is a no drop accessible ride, so please let me know if you have any concerns with speed, distance or other issues so I can adjust accordingly. If anyone has any medical issues that can affect their riding, please let me know before we set off :slight_smile:

We will make our way up to high beach where we will take a break at the Acorn hut. We can then do some hill loops if people are up for it.

Please do let me know if you plan on coming, and if you have any questions, just ask below!


Hi Henry- I’m planning on coming. This will be my second ride out with you guys, i came on the one two weeks ago. Thanks!!


Thanks Henry, I’ll be there


Hoping to be with you