January 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Pleasure riding with everyone today. Got home, feet defrosted and toes swelled to twice their size. Absolute agony!



Good ride & good pics :+1:t2::smile:


Remember: Thursday 6:30pm - 9pm at the Velopark for a bit of fast pace laps.

The weather seems to be nice.


@Henry … it was indeed brutal to ride yesterday.


Hi guys,

I am a Stratford resident who is new to this group and road cycling and I am excited to get involved with the meet ups/club rides you guys do.

I have been commuting to work in central London by bike and I wondered if anyone else finds the winter evening closures of Victoria park annoying, be it for recreational cycling or commuting?

I am currently in an argument with tower hamlets over section 10 of the open spaces act but wanted to know if anyone else would like to see the park open in the winter evenings?




It isn’t great, but the closure isn’t noticeable for commuters when the days start to lengthen again, and there are plenty of routes around the park. There are even two routes directly through it (although only north - south, at Grove Road and Gore Road / Sewardstone Road).

I’d imagine that it’s not an easy park to police in the dark. A large number of the paths are unlit. Given the recent sexual assaults - even with the park closing around 4 - I can’t see there being popular support for keeping the park open all night.


Hi @TommyP

This problem affects a lot of people heading home after, including myself.

There are a few people on twitter (‘hackney cyclist’ is one) who are campainging about this issue. A few months ago I was sent a link to a consultation about what routes/gates people use in the park in the evenings. I beleive this was to get an idea how they could accomodate cyclists.

Contrary to this, there was also council meeting last year about opening the park 24 hours but it was deemed that the cost of installing lighting was too expensive to facilitate this.
(I’ll find the links for these and post them on here shortly.)

So the jury is out at the moment but I think it will happen in the next few years…hopefully.

In summary, you’re not alone!


Will be riding tomorrow if it’s not raining too heavily! Who else?


I’m stuck in Berkshire…


Not sure , it all depends on the weather and what kind of nights the kids have planned …


I probably won’t be riding tomorrow, Got friends visiting so will be short on time. Will be hitting the velo Mon or Tue tho to compensate (punish myself) if anyone wants to join


Let me know the time you go to the velopark on Monday/ Tuesday


Will be there this morning for ride up to High Beach and area. Compared to last week it’s tropical weather and rain not forecast until late morning!


Hi @Henry

It will be my first non solo ride, am new to road cycling so have no idea how fast or far I can ride but if you don’t mind I would like to ride today?

Like you said the weather is looking good.



Good ride today folks! @TommyP pleasure having you along.

Will be away for the next 2 weeks.


Thanks @Henry and thanks for leading, I had a great morning.
Nice to meet you all.
Already looking forward to next week.


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