January 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Looks perfect, hope to be joining you all


Looks good, hopefully i’ll keep up!


Weather is looking awful tomorrow. Might have to give it a miss. Going to check in the morning.


Won’t be around tomorrow I’m afraid. Need to be on point Monday so won’t risk it with the weather.


Just looked at the weather after your posts, need to cycle and sure there is a “rule” about riding in bad weather…so, I will be out tomorrow but may only go to Theydon Bois and back, may go half an hour earlier too…


Hi All
There will be a ride in the morning - usual time and place - with decision on route, etc. maybe dictated by weather

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. And, as @Sjh Stuart says, the ‘rule’ is that if you ride in bad weather, you are automatically a ‘badass’. (Dreadful Americanism, but you get what they mean…)

(And you can always use your E20CC discount in pavé for winter clothes!)

See you in the morning


Hey everyone, planning to join you tomorrow. Hoping the weather won’t be too bad :scream:


Morning, I’m sadly not gonna make it. Woke up feeling horrific, other half has been suffering for days with something so suppose it was only time.
Was up for a rainy ride too :confused:


It’s brightening up…


Im in. Be there in 5mins.


I’m here - outside EV sainssburys right?


on my way


Four hardy souls out this morning. Photographic evidence exists. Counts double in the rain

Well done to @Isla on her first ride. If you can do it today, every other ride will be much easier


Great but wet ride this morning @Isla @jools @Sjh

Took a while to upload pics as only just got feeling back in my hands!


Unless someone else really wants to I’m happy to lead the accessible ride this Sunday. Any co-leader volunteers? Usual route up to High Beach with a couple of hill loops. Around 25 miles total, no one left behind. Weather forecast for Sunday is sunny but cold so warm clothing a must!

Also, anyone fancy a spin on Saturday morning? Am thinking of trying to find some more routes to expand the accessible ride, so a little explore here and there around Epping areas.


i hope to be there Sunday, Saturday not 100% tho if available, if am then I’ve got a 40 or 60 mile route I normally go on that’s near Epping forest. Couple of big climbs to work those legs

Will check Sat & let you know


I’ll be out with you on Sunday @Henry


I may go for 20-25 laps at the velopark Saturday / tomorrow morning around 9.30am.


I’ll be along Sunday, plus one.


I’m on for tomorrow morning, only my second outdoor ride of the year: it’s been a busy month.

Running 23c tyres still, how are the roads looking for ice? Will have to remember not to lean!