January 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


New thread for 2017!

E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local cyclists. See the dates below for dates and times. Join the conversation, you can also read other older threads here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20-cycle-club

We also have a closed group here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20cc-members < Simply ask to request access.

Road Rides — evenings, weekends and ad-hoc longer rides.
Our regular Sunday morning ride is aimed at meeting people to train with, generally around 25 miles with nobody left behind. Please introduce yourself below if you are planning on coming along. Make sure your tyres are pumped and riders should carry a spare tube. Helmet is recommended, although not compulsory.

Road Rides
Sun 8th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sun 15th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sun 22nd 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sun 29th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Meeting points:
Sundays: Victory Park - opposite Sainsburys from 8.30am depart.
50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB — https://stores.sainsburys.co.uk/4534/stratford-east-village-local

Inclusive leisure rides
From time to time E20cc will announce ad-hoc leisure rides, we recommend looking at local borough groups:
NEWHAM www.newhamcyclists.org.uk - more info: @stevoline ride co-ordinator.
WALTHAM FOREST www.wfcycling.wordpress.com
TOWER HAMLETS www.towerhamletswheelers.org.uk
HACKNEY www.hackney.cc

Want to learn to ride a bike?
Cycle Confident have one primary aim, to empower as many people as possible to take to the roads on their bicycles. They work with Individuals, Businesses, Local Authorities and Activity Groups giving them the tools and training to cycle safely, and with confidence, on and off the road. More info — www.cycleconfident.com


Happy new year folks! Will be around Sunday. My fitness levels are non-existent, my blood is 90% mince-pie filler and I haven’t ridden since early December. So a very relaxed ride to High Beach will be all I’m doing. Happy to lead that ride if anyone is in the same boat!


Happy new year! Just arrived back in the UK and hoping to be out Sunday :),




I’m out of London until late on Saturday, so unlikely to make 8.30 or anywhere close on Sunday.

Potentially up for a ride starting at mid-day, or some laps at the VeloPark if anyone’s going to be on the same schedule.


I’ll be out and very happy to follow you @Henry


Hello! I’d like to join the group tomorrow morning if it’s still going ahead. Not an experienced road cycler but do a lot of indoor cycling so hoping that will be enough to get me going :slight_smile: where do we meet and do I need to bring anything?


Hi Isla
All details on meeting etc are at the top of the thread - opposite Sainsbury’s by 8.30

Just make sure your bike is roadworthy - brakes and tyres in particular - and bring some water. There’s a tea hut in the forest if you really need something extra but you’ll be fine


Got the cold bug, not actually too bad but not cycling with it. Maybe next week.


Sorry folks slept in! Enjoy the ride! Darn!


Hi all, apologies I didn’t make it today wasn’t feeling too well. Hope you all had a fun ride! Are there any weekday rides coming up?


No worries @Isla. Hopefully see you this Sunday. If there are any midweek rides, they’ll be posted here along with distance and expected pace. I’ll be doing an hour in at the Velopark this Wednesday, weather permitting, feel free to come along! I’ll post time tomorrow but it’s usually around 5-6pm.


Will be at the Velopark for an hour or so at 1730 tomorrow if anyone fancies coming along.


I should/will be about this coming Sunday. Unsure i’ll make Velo tonight as won’t be back from work till at least 1830 and my bike needs a thorough clean due to a cheeky 60 mile ride that felt/looked like i was going over a muddy field the entire time :smiley:


I’ll be out on Sunday as well. Looking for a medium distance at a slow to medium pace. Still got some mince pie fat to shift.


Hi @modboy
If you’ve got a route in mind, could you lead a mid-pace ride?


Won’t be out at the Velopark tonight, coming down with a cold. Will see how I am for Sunday.


I’d be happy to lead the mid pace ride but I didn’t do a great job last time (two guys were left behind and I’m not sure if they ever got home!).

Most people seemed to enjoy the route though so I’ll post it up here tonight and see what people think.


@modboy We could maybe co-lead if you like? I’m up for a long-ish chatty pace ride. Proper old fashioned club ride, keeping everyone together

Hopefully gears will be changing like a dream after @PaveVelo rescued me from a cable that was about to go…


Sounds good. I’ll post the route up later.


Proposed route for Sunday medium paced ride.

It looks sightly daunting but there are no massive climbs, just lots of smaller hills.

Will aim for 25-30KM/h / 16ish MPH but will wait at top of hills.