Is it possible the pets policy will be relaxed? + Pets Poll


Super old thread but worth a bump for this news. We’re approaching our tenancy renewal date and asked GLL whether the pet policy was flexible at all and got this response:

Currently we are looking into amending the pet policy in East Village as a whole. While I am unable to add this onto your current tenancy it is actively being reviewed as a whole policy document at the moment. We know how much pets mean to our residents so we are keen to get this moving as soon as possible. Whilst I can’t promise anything right now, it is something we want to get into place for you.

Now would probably be a good time to email GLL (or Triathlon even?) and add your thoughts if you’d like a cat/dog in EV.

I’ll update if we hear anything else.


Encouraging, thanks.

Would love to get a cat - assuming, that is, there’s a breed that’s content living in an eighth-floor flat with only a balcony to explore.


I’d love to get a cat!

There are so many upsides to pets and nothing wrong in principle with having them - just a preference of the landlords.

That’s why I felt it was in really poor community spirit of @TriathlonHomes to have recently used their newsletter to encourage community members to grass on each other about sitings of dogs.


I asked if GLL had any idea on a time frame for this and it looks like nobody is too sure right now:

I really don’t know on time frames, it could be 6 weeks or 6 months […] there are many layers above us that it needs to go through (something to do with legal contract regarding head lease and allowance of animals).

So it sounds like it’ll probably be some number of months (rather than weeks or years) for what that’s worth. Though the Sky Q debacle should probably be a lesson on taking all of GLL’s ETAs with a pinch bag of salt.


I am actually not that happy that this is potentially the case. I am quite severely allergic to cats and dogs (up to the point where I can’t visit my parents in their own home), and the no pets rule is one of the reasons why I stay here.

I’ve noticed that it’s not uncommon for people to violate the terms of their contract on this, and I know of two dogs in my building, which essentially make it quite uncomfortable for me to use the elevator.


My thoughts are that if 50% of residents had dogs or cats that would be approximately 1400 animals. Even if 10% of owners weren’t considerate then there would be a genuine issue with cats breeding, cat & dogs mess not cleared up in courtyards and common areas.

Perhaps it would be fine and @GetLivingLondon and @TriathlonHomes would be happy to add additional workforce to clearing up.

However they are already overrun with litter collecting and from what I can see many residents can’t clean up after themselves let alone their pets.