Is it possible the pets policy will be relaxed? + Pets Poll


In my opinion, East Village is one of the most family friendly places in London. I would really like to have a pet dog, however I understand that this is not allowed. Do you think this may be relaxed in the future? I was not provided a clear answer why when I moved other than it is not allowed. With all of the young kids in the neighbourhood, I think it is a bit sad they are not able to grow up with a pet. I am sorry, but ‘caged animals’ (which are allowed in the policy) are not the same definition of pets as when I grew up in America with two dogs.

Will pets ever be allowed in EV rented flats?

I must admit I’m puzzled by the pets policy, too. I find the idea of the whole of East Village being a cat-and-dog-free zone a little Orwellian tbh. I think if cats and dogs were to be permitted it would be important to implement certain rules, i.e. possibly an extra security deposit in case they damage furnishings etc, and a limit on the number of pets per household. I think it’s important to note that cats and dogs are extremely different animals; whatever about dogs, I can’t understand not allowing indoor cats; they don’t bark, they poop in a box indoors, they never go outside and are generally not a disturbance. I have lived in urban areas with lots of dogs where barking is not a problem, so obviously it is possible to have dogs in areas like this without disturbing neighbours, but I suppose this depends on the dog (apologies, I don’t know very much about dogs, presumably someone more knowledgeable can clarify). One of the reasons GLL have given for not allowing dogs is to keep the pavements free of poop, however, plenty of people not living here come here to walk their dogs (understandably, as it’s a very nice place!) and consequently there is no less poop on the pavements than in other areas of London.

TL;DR: I really can’t understand why indoor cats aren’t allowed. I also wouldn’t mind there being dogs in EV, although they are a little more complicated than cats as far as apartment living goes.


Hello @renegadex9

Great topic for an anonymous East Village community poll. Rather than suggest different rules for outdoor and indoor animals, we’ve kept it simple.

Team Yonder.

  • YES to Cats & Dogs in East Village
  • YES to Caged pets only in East Village

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I’m glad someone has raised this, I think it’s a bit crazy to have such a large development pet free and really hope this gets reconsidered.


Cats, at least, should be allowed. As was mentioned, lots of people already walk their dogs in/around Victory Park.


I think it’s mad we not allowed dogs, if I had a mortgage anywhere else I would be allowed any pets I want… This rule makes no sense. Kids can make more mess and noise than some pets!


As much as I love dogs and would love to have one, firstly it’s not true that being a homeowner/mortgagee means you can have pets - any leasehold property (so, most flats) will have a lease with rules and restrictions, often there may be one against pets/dogs.

I also think there is a distinction between (house)cats and dogs. I am a fan of both and grew up in a house full, but think that dogs aren’t as suited to flat-based living; surely it is fiddly having to always walk them when they need a bathroom break rather than open the door to the garden (townhouses excepted) plus if left alone they can bark and cause a disturbance that cats rarely would. Their coming and going could leave mess and pawprints too.

Certainly if they were to allow dogs, there should be some element of size restriction and registration/permission process. (I have friends in Canada who live in flats and are allowed to apply for permission to get a dog, but have to get a recognised breed that isn’t anticipated to grow past a certain height).


Since the majority of those polled are in favour of pets being allowed, is there any way this issue can be raised with East Village Management?


You might be interested to know that when decision were made GLL were more in favour of pets than Triathlon Homes. Source:academic book by Penny Bernstock (2014) Olympic Housing : A Critical Review of London 2012’s Legacy; Ashgate; Farnham, Burlington USA,


@TriathlonHomes @GetLivingLondon The poll results show almost 2/3rds support the relaxing of the pets policy. Is there something you could share on this front? Is a relaxation of the pets policy open for consideration?


Good morning all,

Thanks for getting in touch. We understand and acknowledge that some residents may wish to keep pets, however we also need to ensure nuisance to other residents is avoided, that animal welfare is maintained and that homes and property are protected.

As stated on page 20 of our ‘You and your landlord’ guide, we do permit the following animals:

• Small caged animals (excluding dangerous and prohibited species), for example hamsters, mice and gold fish; and
• Assistance dogs (A dog trained to aid or assist a person with a disability).

However, residents must have our written permission if they want to keep such a pet, and we can only grant this if our pet agreement is signed. Permission will be withdrawn if the pet agreement is broken, for instance if a pet causes a nuisance, damage or harm.

If you do wish to get in touch regarding keeping a small caged pet or assistance dog, please email your name, address and details of the pet you intend to purchase or adopt to

If you do not have a copy of the ‘You and your landlord’ guide, you can find it on our website:

Triathlon Homes


With respect, that’s not actually an answer to the question! Though I think we know the actual answer is “no, never”.


Hi there,

I know it’s a touchy touchy subject but quite important for some of us. My partner and I have been seriously considering getting a small sized dog as a new family member but pets are strictly not allowed in rented flats under our tenant agreement. I did some research and saw that it isn’t the first time East Villagers raise this concern and they were told (in 2013) that it might be a possibility in the future. Can we get an update on that? It’s quite a deal breaker as on one hand, we love this area, on the other we definitely want to get a dog once we start planning on expanding our family…

It particularly bothers me because I keep seeing my neighbours’ cat chilling on the balcony across us! It just seems a bit unfair and after talking with some people from the community, I know we aren’t the only ones!

Thanks in advance for the reply! :slight_smile:


All this makes me quite sad, frankly.

In that case, how come there are pets in some flats? Is it because they are flat owners? In such case, I think the “noise” problem is a bit unfair…


What kind of pets? If there are flats with uncaged animals (cats/dogs) then you are free to report them to GLL/Triathlon. The pet policy is identical for all residents.


I know some neighbours are keeping a cat as I see him (the cat) hanging on the balcony time to times. That’s why I was so confused by this situation.


C’mon Todd. I think we should work to improve the situation for all rather than reporting on each other.


Exactly, I don’t want to report anyone as it is a member of the family after all! And i wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. I just thought that rules were different for flat owners. But I really hope that EV management offices can look into this as many residents are suffering because of this. It’s a shame if we have to move out solely because of this issue.


I’ve not seen/heard any dogs or cats around me and I wouldn’t report them if I did as long as they aren’t causing noise/damage that affects me. But that wasn’t my point anyway.

Everybody here has a contract (whether rented or part-buy) and it says we can’t have those kinds of pets. Those are the rules and every time this question gets asked GLL / Triathlon just ignore it or say “this is what the contract says, hope this helps”. Check out this very thread for the proof.

You have basically zero chance of “improving the situation” because there is no incentive for them to change those rules when it’s proving easy to fill the flats with willing residents. There are lots of issues like this. Check out the thread I made recently about Sky Q for another example. Check out the ludicrously hot communal areas for another. GLL (themselves or via EVML) are pretty good at sorting out problems that they are legally required to sort out and pretty bad at doing anything else. I can’t really speak about Triathlon as I’ve had no dealings personally but I’ve heard they are worse than GLL for sorting defects and stuff so I doubt they are suddenly going to spend a bunch of time reworking their pet policy either.

I’d love to get a cat, really would, but all things considered this is a pretty great place to live so I can deal with these frustrations in exchange for all the good things.


I guess somehow we’re gonna have to simply accept the fact that EV management will never give us an adequate response to that “concern”… very sad :sweat: