International Square remodelling, E20 | Stratford International | Design: Monstrum & Komplan


Westfield Stratford City have recently submitted a planning application to improve the appearance of International Square (the area between Stratford International Station and Tap East) by providing a new children’s play area, coffee stall and additional seating.

The proposed play area, by designers Monstrum and Komplan, is designed around the theme of biodiversity: taking the form of a pond, with toddler-orientated play equipment themed as a large fish, a frog, water lilies and boats.

A coffee kiosk is proposed adjacent to the steps up the first floor of Westfield, although detailed designs have not yet be submitted

The proposal is pending approval by the London Legacy Development Corporation. Full details of the application are available on their website, from which these pictures are taken.

Olympic Legacy - Unfinished Childrens' Playground

Good idea. Looks like a good spot for something more permanent like this compared to Santa’s Grotto of 2014/2015.


Great!! Proving they can maintain a smoking free. Because everybody comes to that area to have their cigarette. Sorry but I hate coming out a have a breath of that amazing air. Not good example for kids, so something to bear in mind. Thanks for the post!!


I was thinking the same, I’m quite sure that this is the concept to sanitise the zone a little. The greenery and hanging gardens down the side of the escalators work well to make the area less cold.

I imagine Manhattan Lofts will bring a sharper edge to the look and feel of the area too. All positive developments ahoy!


There’s an official smoking area nearby (over by the carpark) but it could do with better signposting.


We may need to contact reporters at Vice, the Daily Mail and the Guardian with this evidence of an unfinished playground outside the Westfield Centre:


Good one @Samuel - saw this coming along earlier this week and kept meaning to take some photos myself to revitalise this thread from @Ben