Insurance requirement to join E20CC


Hello, there!

I’m so sorry if this was mentioned before or somewhere on the website, but I couldn’t quite find the answer :blush:.

I’m curious to know if the insurance from the London Cycling Campaign membership might also apply, or does it have to be the British Cycling one?

Thank you so much!



hi @julietchen good to hear from you and hope you’re well. I’m personally unsure about the LCC membership. I know that British Cycling Ride is the membership most riders go for, you’ve reminded me as mine has run out.

Here’s a post from @Henry covering some of the basic club details, there is a private Yonder group and WhatsApp group for members also.


Hi Juliet! Yes, LCC membership is fine as it includes 3rd party liability, so feel free to come to one of our introduction/accessible rides. Hope to see you soon.


Thank you both, @Lee and @Henry! That sounds great :+1:

I’m actually doing the Tech Bikers’ Paris to London ride this weekend so we’ve been training more specifically for that. :blush: Planning to make it to one of the introduction rides very soon after that is done! :bike:


Have a great ride!


Weather looking good! Enjoy