I'm really fed up with people parking on the pavement


Excatly, @modboy There is almost always a parking space available but people think it’s ok to park on the pavement without paying - and that they would get a ticket elsewhere but not on the pavement. I’m sure that’s the reason. How silly.


By the way…


jOn Scarlet Close I spoke to a driver blocking the pavement entirely. He told me the Gemini attendant ha s actually told him to park there as if he stayed on the road, he’d have to give a ticket, but he couldn’t give a ticket to anyone entirely off the road!

The other stupid thing was the driver was picking up a load of stuff from his son’s flat, and the loading bay opposite was entirely empty




Even those who should know better do it…


About 7pm this evening. Occupants (at least one resident) got threatening and aggressive when I picked them up on their parking. @evml hopefully has cctv. If @TriathlonHomes @Triathlon_Homes or @GetLivingLondon can identify them, are they at risk of losing their home for threatening neighbours?
@Falco Did EVML say they read this or do they need a screen grab sent?


@jools I got seriously threatened too - once.
No, Triathlon/GLL/EVML/EVRA don’t read this, I had to provide a pdf printout.
If I were you, I’d definitely contact security, or even better: the police.


@Falco which then, on turn, will do it themselves. See earlier pic of mine.

I think the real issue is a lack of short stay bays for eg. delivery drivers. I see many of these double park, and it tends to happen on my side of the village because there is simply no alternative.



Petition against pavement parking from Living Streets. Apparently Government promised action/investigation two years ago, but still nothing.


Hi Falco
Can you share the contact details of the people you’ve been dealing with?
Think nothing will happen until it’s properly somebody’s issue to deal with


Parking on the pavement is illegal in London.

I think the complication arises that these streets are private (Scarlet, Logan, Napa, etc) and are patrolled by Gemini and not Newham Council parking inspectors who do fine for pavement parking.