I'm really fed up with people parking on the pavement


When I walked down to Waitrose at 12 noon today, I saw a white van (EJ65 NXA) parked on the pavement of Napa Close. I filmed the issue [https://youtu.be/ynIn31L27B0] and while doing so, a young couple came to the van, carrying with what looked like old carpets. They asked me why I was filming their van, and I said that’s because it’s not cool to park on the pavement. They then old me that they had permission to do so. So off I went, and when I returned 40 minutes later, the van was still there.

Did @TriathlonHomes and/or @GetLivingLondon really give them permission to park on the pavement?

Anyway, I’m really fed up with people parking on the pavement. I don’t know what the idea is. Do people think it’s OK to park on the pavement because one needs a ticket for the parking spaces? Unbelievable.

It happens all the time, by the way. I wouldn’t get so fired-up otherwise.

Please feel free to comment.


Totally agree Falco. Seen parents with buggies struggle to get past or need to go on the road plenty times because of this. Also seen vans actually driving along wider bits of pavement! And seen it ignored by EVML staff so not sure whether they even feel able to do something about it


Minicab that’s driven along the pavement on Honour Lea Avenue - literally treated the wide pavement as a road


I also get annoyed when the Firezza drivers ride and accelerate on the pavement. Do they have permission to park on the pavement in front of the shop as well at all? On the other hand, I’ve seen cars park up on the pavement in order to pick up handicapped people, though I would’ve thought the undercroft parking is also usable.

Also, how do we report these cases and to whom? Is photographic evidence enough? Do we need to call the EV Security team that can record the incident formally?



It’s becoming a hobby. Can the @EVRA pick this up with EVML?


Yes, please.


On my way home today, I took this photo at 16:54, and immediately the young car owner jumped out. He was fired up and became very vulgar and aggressive, and he threatened me to beat me up. My girlfriend witnessed this. Only when I faked a call to security did he speed off, shouting the c-word (and more) at me. A rather unpleasant experience, I must admit. But of course I’ll go on taking photos. Now more than ever! :boom:


Anyone from @EVRA picking up mentions on Yonder?

(Is @EVRA still operating?)


Looks like they haven’t logged in to Yonder since January.


Hi Guys
Got a reply from Eilis - EVRA Chair. She says they have been inactive as she has been unwell and as they are a small group there wasn’t anyone able to pick up various things, including checking Yonder

She says they will pick this up, including checking messages on Yonder, and raise again with council/EVML as appropriate. She says that the more evidence provided, the better to push action, so may be worth sending pics, etc. to @EVRA once Eilis has said hello again.

There is a big issue of pavement parking and driving around chobham school which has been a bone of contention for a while, but this is obviously proof that it is a wider issue as well.


Not sure what’s happened to @EVRA since initial reply. This driver started getting aggressive


Repeat offenders. Aggressive. Reported to security but who knows. I saw there a way of getting Newham to issue retrospective tickets?

@EVRA has imploded so no action there


Not sure if anyone has seen the EVRA update on Facebook?

Hi everyone,

EVRA update - Eilís has had to step down as chair of EVRA at the start of January due to illness, and for the time being the committe have taken over until we have the election of a new chair at our AGM, which will be held sometime in March (date TBC later). In the meantime, all EVRA enquiries should be directed to admin@eastvillageresidents.org and it will be picked up by a member of the committee.

Best wishes,


Sarah is the only member left on EVRA and is having to deal with everything alone.
EVRA really needs the support of the residents to keep it going and work together to tackle all of these issues, otherwise the Landlords will just think everything’s all ok and no issues in the Village :rage:


Same day, same time, same street…


Took these photos in the space of 4 mins today.


Similar time, similar van…


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From: Falco
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Dear GLL & Triathlon,
As you can see from the many photos and the lively forum discussion here, people around E20 are worried about cars and vans parking/loading on the pavement. Could you please clarify whether or not parking/loading is OK on the pavement? We hope it isn’t. Please let me know, so that I can inform people using the forum.
Best wishes,


They wanted photos, so I’ve sent them a pdf of this discussion. Now they’re looking into it.
I’ll keep you updated,


Thanks Falco. The think that annoys me the most is that there is almost always parking places available when they park on the pavement. Maybe they think they’re less likely to get a ticket if they’re on the pavement.