How do I get rid of this red light on the entry phone?


Hello everybody,
For several weeks now, I’ve had this red light on my entry phone. It doesn’t seem to affect anything, but being a crazy German, it just gets on my nerves. I have already tried all sorts of stuff, even switching off all the electricity in the flat - but to no avail. So any suggestions are welcome.


Is that the key button? Does it mean the front door isn’t locking properly?


It is indeed the key button - but I doubt that the front door hasn’t been locked properly for 4 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


try press the button with the 4 dots on it.

if i press that once, my lock symbol glows red as your one currently is.
if i press it again, the lock button no longer glows.


Mine has always been like that, just assumed it was normal.


hey @cwi Thanks!!! that’s great, that did it! Well, now I must assume it’s actually a feature to make it lit, so one can find it in the dark…


no problem! :slight_smile:

it seems the 3x of the 4x dot buttons are dynamic and defined by the system.

here’s a picture from the manual i found online.
the description in the manual for the ‘door opener’ button makes no sense to me based on what our 4 dot button achieves.



Wow, well done @cwi I’ve tried for some time to find the manual but could’t see the right model on the net - and there’s nothing in the folder for our flat.