Historical photos of E15 & E20 area - Please contribute if you can


Once the construction of the Olympic site started the whole area was sealed off, including public footpaths and roads. This had to be, but I do think they could have made more effort to create some footpaths across the area. Nobody I knew in Bow had tickets to any events, although a few did get tickets to the Paralympics. To me the Olympics were a private event, paid for with public money. Locals were not welcome.

The subsequent opening up of the park, and the successful developments continuing both on the site, and nearby, are brilliant. The engineers and the planners are doing a great job.

I took this photo with my phone, so it was not intended to be a public statement, more like part of a private journal. This was taken on 29th July 2012, two days after the Olympics had started. We heard the opening ceremony from our back garden, we could watch it on TV, but we were kept out.


There were many tickets available to buy during the games. I bought England Women’s hockey tickets, for example. There were plenty of opportunities between that and the ballot for everyone who wanted to go to do so.


Hi @Nick_Lane — I finally managed to take a very quick trawl through some old photos, I’ve got hundreds from Fish Island and Hackney Wick from ten years ago and I know I have lots more stored on old hardrives from that time.

I think I’m going to start a before and after or retrospective comparisons thread of somekind.

21st Septmeber 2008 — Here’s a shot down the Hertford Union Canal (As if coming from Bow/Victoria Park). You have Hackney Wick E9 (Hackney) to the left and Fish Island E3 (Tower Hamlets) to the right. This is the border between the two boroughs, you can see Omega Works on the right with the connecting bridge that is soon to be expanded and re-developed.

The electricity pylons in the background are yet to be cut down and the 2012 Athletes Village (now East Village @GetLivingLondon) is yet to be built. As far as I’ve heard, it’s an interesting to know that these pylons were buried underneath some of the landscaped mounds in Victory Park, East Village.

I’ll try and take a shot of what it looks like now this week.


Here’s another couple of snaps. The first taken from our old (3rd floor) balcony at Omega Works (Fish Island E3) showing the Olympic Stadium build in progress. The second taken from the corner piece of land at Omega Works (Fish Island) looking across the canal to Hackney Wick. The derilict building on the right is now East London Energy (District heating plant) that provides the hot water to E20.


Lee, this is a great idea. We rented in Omega 3 for 6 months when we had serious building work done to our house over the winter of 2003/4. We were the first tenants in our flat. Across the Lee was an industrial park, which I might not have photographed! I need to plough through a box of B&W negs to see if I can find them.


Fantastic Lee, it sounds like you’ve got some great images and I love the idea of a set of before and after shots. I’ll make contact with @frankdasilva to see if we can arrange a trip out to see the site and capture a few of those.


That would be great Alan.


Count me in for a strategic photowalk, there is so much happening it’s a perfect time to document so many locations


I am in! :slight_smile:


Me too. I only moved to the area 2 years ago but I’m fascinated by the histroy of the area and how it is changing.


I took this in Waterden Road in 2006.


I don’t even remember that one Alan. Great that you captured it. Black & White gives it extra poignancy.


I think I took it with a 1951 Leica. They had a great reputation in the day but by the 1970s most Japanese SLRs were much better.


Some ‘Then and Now’ videos on YouTube.


Re: Angel Cottage (Demolished)

To be fair, this was nothing to do with the IOC, ODA or any other of the acronyms relating to ‘Olympic Development’, (the mention of ‘compulsory purchase’ & ‘Olympics’ referring to the following photo may unintentionally give the wrong impression for this case).

This was entirely down to a property renovator, who, having purchased at auction the Grade II listed Georgian property built in 1826, wished to sympathetically restore the building.
However, upon removing some material (for ‘matching purposes’,of course), the entire property collapsed.

Overnight. (Well, over of a weekend, actually.)

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not implying that the rapidly increasing value of property/land in Stratford in anticipation of the Olympics had anything to do with it. Nor the idea that you could find any two-bob postage stamp-sized scrap of land and stick ‘luxury apartments’ on it was anywhere in this property owner’s mind.

Here’s a starting point to the story;


Try searching “Angel House E15 Demolished” or similar for more info.

It never was rebuilt.


I was so sad to see this building go. I remember it going up for sale and wish I’d been in a position to buy it at the time. There are very few examples of really ‘old/heritage’ Stratford still around today.

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If you have any old pictures of the Stratford/Olympic Park area that you have permission to share, please feel free to post them here. Many thanks.


The 1930’s station (second Photo) was across the other side of the rail lines at the junction of Martin Street and William Street. The photo was taken from Martin Street with William Street turning right.


You’re absolutely right @craven and indeed it is still there but make the most of it as it’s days are sadly numbered. The site is earmarked for development and the 1930s building is going to be swept away on the tide of ‘regeneration’…