Historical photos of E15 & E20 area - Please contribute if you can


Hi Isaac
Yes, that is so! Yes, I have a lot of stuff around the Olympics as a whole, not necessarily to everybody’s taste!
Thanks for posting the photos
Actually I was thinking of using one of the Stratford City site before it was constructed, ie still a mud patch, for an article I am at present working on for Games Monitor if that would be alright with you. Of course I would credit you. I would have to check the layout and how it will fit. I will understand if you are not happy with it appearing on that site!
Best wishes, Julian


Hi Julian,

Do you mean the photos I posted last July that I took on a site tour back in Sept 2008? If yes, you’re welcome to use them. Apologies if I’m getting confused. Please do share the link on here once the article’s published if that’s OK.




I think I am getting confused about who took which photo! This is the one I was thinking of but this looks like it is someone else’s work, picture 7 in this sequence. Julian


Hi @Julian,

I’m intrigued by the story of Clay’s Lane, and worried about the disappearance of council housing around this area. It obviously goes hand in hand with the driving up of property prices and the diminishing affordable housing quotas in the developments in Stratford post olympics. I found the short documentary (Made by a German from Hamburg?) you have linked on your website to be a bit uneven in quality and tone, but I’d really be interested to learn more about your housing co-op and it’s history. And to see any documentation you have.
I’m still a little bit hazy about the geography of the site pre olympics - Was Clay’s Lane in the Chobham Manor area between the Velodrome and East Village?


Oh, and yes, those pics aren’t mine m’fraid! I just did some research and dug them out.


Hi Isaac

Happy to discuss further. Re location of Clays Lane, yes it was on site of what is now Chobham Manor, so was Park Village.



Just a heads up everyone - if you have any historical images of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East Village and Stratford area (and have permission to share them), please feel free to post below. Scan back through the entries of this thread for some interesting postings by @isaac_layish, @Falco, @frankdasilva and @Oat44 - you will need to go back a while for old images. Here’s one I posted early on - taken from the top of the multi-storey carpark above Stratford shopping centre looking towards Stratford ‘International’ station - around 2002…


Thanks for all of the great photos. Great to see.


Hi @Nick_Lane, @Falco

Great photos on this site, an amazing contrast with what is visible today in the Olympic Park.
I’m creating a little web app for visitors to the Carpenters Road Lock area for the Canal & River Trust. Could I use a couple of your images, properly credited, to illustrate what has been achieved by the restoration of the lock? The project is due to open in spring next year, and will be free to use for all visitors to the lock. The Trust has some nice images from the deeper past, i.e. the 1950s, but nothing to show the actual changes around the area.




Hi Mike, I am happy for you to use any photos within my posts with credit
as you say. All photos I’ve posted are mine or I have permission to use
them. I’m afraid you will need to source permission from others
individually as appropriate to the photo/poster. It would be great if you
could post a link to this thread once the App is created. Thanks for asking
and for your kind feedback.


Thanks Nick, that is very kind of you. The system with the historical
content is being developed between now and next spring, when the new
Carpenters Road Lock opens. There is a temporary digital site running
between now and then, with updates about the project and a bit of
historical data…you can see this as it stands at www.crl.london

Could I also ask permission to use the aerial photo that your father took
back in 2001? I’d like to try a way of ‘ghosting’ the new buildings in on
top of his image by moving a slider along the screen…

Best regards



Hi Mike,

I’ve spoken to Dad and he’s happy for you to use his aerial photo with the credit ‘Philip Lane Photography’ attached. He, like me, will be interested to see the final results and wish you well with your project.

Best wishes,



Hi Mike, I am also happy for you to use any photos within my posts with credit as you say. All photos I’ve posted are mine.



I used to walk this area a lot too.


Great article this.


Here’s a photo of the stadium under construction in October 2009.


In November 2009 we went on a free tour of the Olympic Site. This was a big disappointment because we were just driven around in a bus, with no opportunity to get out.


I photographed this cycle parking in Victoria Park (on my side of Yonder) on 23rd July 2012, just before the Olympics started. I don’t think anybody ever used it.


Great contribution here, many thanks for sharing these photos.