Historical photos of E15 & E20 area - Please contribute if you can


Here, a more recent aerial photo of the area.
Please do not share on the web — this photo is copyright / by Mike O’Dwyer with thanks!


Excellent, thanks! Almost identical “today” view of what we see in Nick’s photo from the past. Very interesting!


@Nick_Lane @frankdasilva

…and for all those who are similarly obsessed with details as I am, check this out:

The “old” train line of course still exists, but it now enters a tunnel just by Victory park, and re-appears between the Guttmann Health Centre and Chobham Academy (see my red & blue dots. The train line is very well visible on Google Maps & Google Earth, btw) and that’s the curve one can see so well on the old photo. And the orange dots show the DLR, by the way.

Obsessed as I am, all that helps me a lot with locating stuff, e.g. Victory Park. And it’s good fun to know that Liberty Bridge Road now covers that train line. So thank you very much, Nick & Frank. I just love that kind of stuff.


Fantastic stuff - thanks for sharing, I could compare these for hours.


Complete agreement with @Lee, thanks so much @frankdasilva & @Falco. Fascinating. Here’s a different angle and a bit closer in, to check out the detail.
Hope you like it. :steam_locomotive:


And one more for luck…


Most useful, @Nick_Lane, thanks a lot. This picture clearly answers my main DLR question.


Coming back to the subject of the Channelsea River, I found the Olympic Park Waterspace Masterplan (22 July 2008) on the net, it’s full of interesting information. The document is here.

One example arethe maps of what they were originally planning, and it appears that they wanted to give much more space for the Channelsea River than what we have left of it now:

Interesting document, in my view.


Thanks @Falco. An interesting early plan. Yes, the Channelsea does seem longer there. I have an aerial photo that show the last remaining stretch of Channelsea just south of Stratford Station. I’m too tired to scan and upload it this evening but will do so as soon as I can.


Thanks, @Nick_Lane, looking very much forward to it!


Below is a photo of Stratford station. The strip of dark green to the right of the Jubilee Line platforms and elliptical patinated copper building is the channel through which the Chanelsea once passed. I think there may be a little more as you approach the High Street, near the old Labour headquarters.

Note the start of the new DLR tunnel. The new DLR platforms have been constructed but not the station extension. No Stratford Plaza.


Thanks, @Nick_Lane

On Google Maps / Earth View, it looks as if one could see the green from Gibbins Road, I’ll check that out some day soon. It might be accessible, even. Possibly from the Building Crafts College. At least it looks like it. I’ll check that out, too.

Yes, the DLR tunnel. Whenever I take the DLR from Stratford to Stratford International, and when I sit in the front seat, I can clearly see that there are 50 metres or so of old tunnel, and then the new one begins.

Thanks, Nick, for your excellent material.



Hey @Falco, you can see the river clearly from the footbridge over the DLR/Jubilee line just by Stratford station - Carpenters Road Estate side, on your left.

I went to an interesting exhibition this evening about a proposed development on Stratford High Street that will overlook the Channelsea and I’m excited to say they propose to bring it back in to good condition and make it an attractive waterway again. I don’t have any images to upload yet as they haven’t added any to their website but they have promised to send me some. In the meantime the consultation can be viewed this Saturday (12th September) - here is their website for more info. I will set up a new thread when I have more to report. Overall I like their initiative although the height is a slight worry but I do think the building is quite stylish.


A better perspective is from their architect’s website:


Sorry, I know this is taking the subject away from old photos so will set up a new thread ASAP.


Hey I had a question… Does anyone know where fridge mountain was relocated to…? If at all… I’m intrigued. @Falco @Nick_Lane


I don’t know @isaac_layish but I’d always imagined they dismantled them and safely disposed of or recycled the materials (including the liquid freon which is so harmful to the atmosphere if allowed to escape). I certainly hope that’s what they did… will try and find out!


Thanks @Nick_Lane - I was just wondering if there still is some kind of “fridge mountain”. i.e. if that same outfit still operates elsewhere…
And, no - I’m not looking to dump my Bosch fridge anywhere… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


no, the pictures with the tower blocks in them are of the Park Village University of London student estate. Clays Lane is the other side of the tower blocks, not in the picture


Clays Lane appears in an earlier photograph, at the start of the sequence, it is the low rise on the right side of the tower blocks


Thanks @Julian for clarifying. I’m assuming you’re the Julian from this site - http://www.gamesmonitor.org.uk/taxonomy/term/158?page=1

I’m also guessing you have quite a bit of documentation from Clays Lane?


I’d be intrigued to watch this series…