Historical photos of E15 & E20 area - Please contribute if you can


Original Stratford station entrance:

(from Chris Stanley, flickr)

Stratford Station

and then in the 30’s:

Stratford Station Year 1967

(the first was looking south west along what was ‘Station Road’ in the middle of the V, the second I assume is the same, but could be wrong)

which now looks like this:



Some more good finds @Oat44. That second entrance looks like it might have been on the South/West side, with the steps leading down into one of the subways, as the original entrance was around until relatively recently, but it’s surprising how few pictures of the pre-1999 Stratford station are around.

Going to another aerial shot, this time 1952. If my bearings are correct, the diagonal railway line in the centre of the picture, about 1/3 from the bottom, is the High Meads Loop, which currently runs beneath Liberty Bridge Road. You can clearly see what’s now Stadium Island towards the bottom right, and the greyhound stadium where Here East now stands.
From Britain from Above


Wow those are interesting!

in terms of the Olympic site and it’s history- The vantage point was Holden Point. It was used as a viewing gallery for the Olympic site apparently? Here’s a BBC article about it -

I love the this bit -

Ian Davis, 62, who lives in the 18th storey of Holden Point, said: "It all happened very fast.
"The Athletes’ Village seems to get bigger day by day."
He continued: "The one thing I could never understand is why they spend so much time moving piles of mud around. It is a long way down from Holden Point
"They would move a pile of mud from one side of the site to the other.
“Then the next thing they would move it back again!”

And here’s a pic I found of that exact (decontamination) process…

This is the best documentation I found of the whole EV site circa 2007 from Holden Point -


And then the same vantage point two years later

I think that’s Clays lane estate you can see to the north of the site. (Later demolished).

And below is Clays lane estate from the ground

Plus the travellers site that was cleared

Below’s Angel Cottage, apparently was the oldest building in Stratford.

I liked this Flickr page from the diamond geeza…

We tend to forget how much resistance there was for the compulsory purchase orders for the Olympic Site…

He called this pic, with more than a hint of sarcasm,
“Olympic Village (East)” (Again, I’m guessing that’s Clays Lane Estate in the bg)


Wow, those are some really great images! @isaac_layish - every time I go up Angle Lane I fondly remember Angel Cottages. At one point they were on the market and I regret not going for one of them. It would have stopped that criminal of a developer nocking them down with the intention to build on the site even though they were protected!

I also agree re. the piles of mud. I watched them move them about with their diggers, month after month. It was like watching children playing in the garden with their Tonker Toys! There was a reason of course for it but from afar it seemed faintly ridiculous.

@Ben - I love those aerials and when I have a bit more time I’ll dig out a few I found of lower Angel Lane (now the Stratford Shopping Centre).

@Oat44 - Regarding the old entrances. Firstly, wasn’t that old Victorian station lovely. What a shame they knocked it down! Secondly, the 1930s entrance is still there and was in operation when I first moved to the area in 1998. Here’s a photo showing it as it is today (bottom left corner - although the photo is a few years old now):

You can also just see it if you visit Google Maps, tucked behind a coach - I’m not sure if this will work…:

There used to be an underpass under Great Eastern Road, arising where Subway and Burger King are located now. It was vile and smelt constantly of stale urine and worse. They filled it with foam concrete in the end. I can’t find a photo of it at the moment but will keep looking. Most uninspiring, white painted wood 1970s structure with big windows and wide slopes leading down (if I remember correctly).

Fantastic everyone, this is so exciting and just what this thread is for. I’ll leave you with an old image of Stratford Broadway - old postcards are great ways to collect old images and can be picked up quite cheaply if you’re lucky (50p - £1 each):

Hidden behind the tram in this image was an old underground toilet block that has long-since been demolished. When they recently relaid the paved surface they excavated some of it (I could see a white tiled wall exposed) but only for a couple of hours at dusk and it was filled in the next day.


Once again, really great new topic and thanks for instigating @Nick_Lane — Loving the work of all the contributors to this thread so far, @Oat44, @Ben, @isaac_layish it’s just brilliant how it’s evolved in just 4 days! I’m already wondering how this thread and future historical threads can be managed.

I’ve also been a huge fan of [Diamond Geezer][1] especially the recent comparisons between his 2005 > 2015 blog entries, dated: “Saturday, July 04, 2015” > [1]: http://diamondgeezer.blogspot.co.uk

I am looking to start a new thread especially for the ‘Stadium’ — So we can document the progress as it’s finally relaunched this summer and into 2016 with the arrival of WHUFC. Where would we start I ask myself?

Yesterday I discovered this epic 5 year photoblog from Diamond Geezer’s Flickr, called: London 2012 stadium siteOne photo a month (near enough), taken from the Greenway bridge over Marshgate Lanehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/dgeezer/sets/72157605116550658 — This is just beautiful.

Perhaps a few of us can mirror this commitment and start documenting a monthly photo at various places around the park, for future generations to enjoy. Manhattan Lofts, Olympicopolis, HereEast, East Village dev, Chobham Manor is an obvious one too. Taken from vantage points that are strategically chosen, that can go on for many years.

Anyway, thanks for sharing gentleman, inspiring stuff!


Hi - great pictures Nick - thanks for posting them. We have an EV photography project going - if you do Instagram look at @myplaceyourplacee20 and hashtag your pics #myplaceyourplacee20 it would be nice to feature a few. :slight_smile: Debbie

Love all these pics - thankyou for posting :slight_smile:

Brilliant Isaac - did you live in local area through all the changes? We’re researching residents perspectives and this is really interesting - Thanks Debbie

Is it possible for me to save the images? - with the permission of Nick and Isaac and anyone else who has contributed photos I would love to keep (and possibly use them) for our research project - maybe I can email you about it and tell you more? Debbie


re the 30’s entrance, of course, that makes sense. And it was in the first photo you posted. Shame on me! I’ll look out for it next time I go past.


Beautiful topic!
Thanks for sharing!


If you haven’t seen it, Flickr user ‘Dr Patrick Green’ has got some really interesting pre Olympic Park shots taken in 2006/7 in this album:

Lots of light industry along Carpenters Road and Waterden Road, which is what I remember of the site, cycling round it the few occasions I did, regrettably without taking any photos.

I also went past the old 30’s Stratford Station entrance tonight. Still there, looking ever so forlorn.


Love this thread. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. It’s humbling to see the history of where we are living.
I think it would be a great idea to document the current changes @Lee


Hi @debbiehumphry, happy for you to use my photos but probably best to ask us about each one as we may be lifting them from different websites and not necessarily (at 1am) remembering to correctly reference them! lol

I’m happy for you to contact me about mine as I post them.

@Lee - who knows, if we get enough original material, maybe there’s some form of historical book in it… Certainly LB Newham has a number of historians who have written some amazing books on the history of the area. I have a fascinating book called Stratford A Pictorial History by Stephen Pewsey, bought from W H Smith many years ago when they used to have a local books section in their branch in Stratford Shopping Center. Here’s a link for it with Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stratford-Pictorial-History-history/dp/085033876X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436481688&sr=8-1&keywords=stratford+a+pictorial+history


Thanks Nick - I’m a fan of local history books


OK folks, here are a couple of photos I’ve found that I thought I’d electronically lost. I’m so frustrated I didn’t take more at the time. I think the setting is the old River Lee, the stretch that goes around the western side of Stadium Island. It was very peaceful and forgotten then back in July 2006. I remember seeing a kingfisher when I was out with my mum (in the photo - looking across towards the British garden co-designed by the 11-year old school girl). Again I must go back and do an after shot once they reopen that path…


Hello @debbiehumphry! I’m afraid I only moved to E20 about a year ago - It’s just that I’ve always been interested in architectural and urban history, and this thread has got the researcher in me using the internet into the little hours trying to thread together the geography of this site from before the Olympics rumbled in.
I do hope though my links point back to the rightful copyright owner(s), and perhaps make it easier for you to chase them up?
@Oat44 , I find those images from Dr Green so intriguing. Looking through the bits he documented I think the only area that even vaguely resembles his pictures today is City Mill River? I cycled there yesterday and actually like how derelict it still feels… All the other locations he documented - Carpenters Rd, Marshgate Lane, Waterden Rd, Temple Mills Lane - Look nothing like that any more. I’m assuming Manor Garden Allotments made way for the Olympic park?
@Lee, I’m happy to document Chobham Manor from my balcony. I might take the first pic tomorrow! I’m also interested in the area around 3 Mills Studio - Does anyone know what they’re building around there?


Hi @isaac_layish. The area you’re referring to is Strand East: http://www.strandeast.com/
I’ve got a couple of photos taken on Stratford High Street a few years ago. In time I’ll get some current shots but for now I’ll post the pics. Where I can I’ll give an idea of their location.


The photos above and below were taken 2 September 2005 and are facing south east on the high street. Roughly between the vacant car park site that runs down beside the Greenway and Wise Road. The next photo is just a bit closer.

I think this is looking towards Warton Road as street view would support:

Interestingly they’ve mirrored the design of the old toy factory in the new building…

Here’s a couple more. All from the same time:

The photos above were of a lovely Victorian red brick building that I think might have been something to do with the Post Office at one time (on the corner of Wise Road I believe). I must admit, I thought they were going to renovate and convert this into flats. I’m surprised it wasn’t protected.

Final one below - south side of the High Street again and near to Rick Roberts Way - can be seen in the photos above.

It’s a shame these all had to go but I guess that’s progress for you… The interesting thing is when you read about how long ago this part of the high Street was falling in to rack and ruin. By 1902 businesses were all boarded up and loving in to Stratford Town Centre - Angel Lane and the like.


Thanks @Nick_Lane - That’s another massive monster project, huh? These 2/3 square miles are going through such a immense transformation. It’s already unrecognisable from 10 years ago, so imagine 10 year on from now.

I’d whole heartedly suggest going down memory lane on google maps. I’ve just been travelling up and down Temple Mills Lane for the last hour or so and switching between 2008/2009/2012. It’s intriguing. Not to mention you can just “drive” around EV just before the Olympics circa June 2012.

Does anyone know what’s the slightly odd cottage that sits alone just to the north of Leyton Jubilee Park, on the East side of Orient Way? Has that got any historical relevance?


@isaac_layish The Temple Mills lane has changed so much — the brick walls and the pylons had to be removed deep into Waltham Forest not just isolated to QEOP. It would be interesting to see just how many they removed.

I do remember that car journey around East Village very well, at the time I did want to jump out and take photos as a record. The BMX seating, Basketball arena etc. That was the only way into Westfield, from Hackney Wick onto A12 around Temple Mills. It was ages until Waterden Road (by HereEast) opened up again. That route around what is now ‘Honour Lea Avenue’ was a sneak peek for anyone thinking about moving into East Village pre-2012. Plus it was impossible to get any decent information on the buildings at the time, although perhaps I didn’t dig hard enough.


I think I know the one you mean, mock Tudor, oddly tall. I’m not sure of its historic significance, but I think it’s designed extra high off the ground to protect itself against any rising flood water. The first house we we’re trying to buy was not far up the road from there and just a week from exchange it all fell through because the floodrisk was deemed too high for the insurance company just at the time the government stopped underwriting flood risk homes. The culprit isn’t the Lea as you might expect but Dagenham Brook, a surprisingly old artificial channel nearer Leyton that once fed Temple Mills. It is now deliberately built with no flood protection in places to allow surrounding land upstream of the Olympic Park to act as a buffer for land further downstream. I can’t remember where I read that last bit, but there’s plenty here about the brook itself.



Wow, that’s fantastic. Thanks @Oat44. I think I could get truly addicted to diamondgeezer’s blog! It’s a fantastic source of information. I love the way rivers and streams rise and fall across London. There’s a great book called ‘The Lost Rivers of London’ by Nicholas Barton which is absolutely fascinating in respect to some of the larger hidden waterways: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/094866715X?keywords=lost%20rivers%20of%20london&qid=1437003176&ref_=sr_1_2&s=books&sr=1-2