Here East coffee morning and 64 bits events


64 Bits, an exhibition of the web’s lost past kicked off last week at Here East and will be on until Friday 21st April. Over the past week, we have seen over 1000 visitors enjoy the exhibition and rediscover iconic websites.


**Wednesday evening talks and discussions 5th, 12th and 19th April. **
Wednesday 5th April - 64 bits - Evening discussion 7-9pm - How has the Web changed and developed our creative industries?
Join us for look at the how the evolution of the Web has affected creative jobs and roles over the last 20 years.
Hear from Ghislaine Boddington, artist researcher, dramaturge, curator and thought leader specialising in body responsive technologies; Paul Manning, Creative Business Director at strategic digital agency, Ideas East and Lou Macnamara, contemporary artist and Art and Technology Producer at Space Studios.

This informal panel discussion will touch on topics around new aesthetics and materials, design and iconography and the general blurring of lines between science and art.

Friday 7th & Saturday 15th April – Family days – 12- 6pm - Learn to code with your children on original 1980s BBC micro computers and get involved in a range of other children’s activities such as a Super Mario Yoshi egg hunt for Easter (Saturday 15th April).

Saturday 8th April – Code amnesty (British Library) 12 – 6pm – A key part of the 64 Bits exhibition is an open-door digital media archiving service where designers and artists can bring in obsolete media for us to migrate to a modern format. If you have any 3.5 inch floppy discs, CD-ROMs, Zip discs, Jaz discs or Rev discs, then please bring them along on Saturday. If you would like, and where appropriate, the excavated work will be exhibited as part of the exhibition.

Wednesday 12th April – Here East coffee morning 9.30-11am – Here East Press Centre – Join us at our next coffee morning where Jim Boulton (curator of 64 bits) will be giving a guided tour of the exhibit. This month we’ll also be joined by Manpreet Dhesi, Communications Manager, UCL and Tom Noonan, Associate and lead Architect at Hawkins\Brown and the lead Architect for UCL’s new space at Here East.

Tom graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2010 with a Master’s degree in Architecture and we are excited to have him present UCL’s plans for their space and the new courses they will be launching from September 2017, including opportunities for community engagement. Limited spaces available, please RSVP to

Hope to see as many of you as possible at the above events.



I went on the 64 bits 2pm tour yesterday and thought it was brilliant. Here’s the primitive ASCII self portrait I took. You can make out my camera strap quite clearly! For me this was also a trip down equipment memory lane. I reckon I’ve used about half of the computers that were on display.


What a great idea and makes me feel very old. Floppy discs and tapes aside, Zips and Jaz drives were amazing and used to hold all of my ‘work in progress’ graphics data to switch between machines at work or take to the printers, networks were too slow and hardrives weren’t portable. Forget the internet, it wasa dedicated BT ISDN line and a 20mb file used to take an age to transfer to the reprohouse. I converted and binned all my Zips in the 90s, otherwise I would have brought them along to see if they could actually extract anything.

I might bring along some CD Roms from 20 years ago to contribute to the exhibition, love it!!

Thanks for sharing @alaninbow - I’m going to try and pop along with my daughter today for coding!


Thanks Lee me too. I found some old floppy disks the other day. The exhibition has been very popular with all ages as you’ll see from this film. :wink:



The same to me. I started to know about Computer since 1999…that’s a IBM thinkpad with 128k RAM & 10G for HDD. I never forget my felling at that time. I wishes I had kept a Floppy disc up to now. :slight_smile: