Hello from the new communities Team!


Becca Crawley
My background is in Youth Work and for the past 4 years I’ve been doing Youth and Community Work in East London. I love to travel and have previously done work in other countries supporting children’s homes such as Ghana and the Philippines. I will be heading up schools and youth work on the East Village and we will be working with a young leaders community group in the school that will help us shape the activities we put on.


Keir Wilson
I have been working in community development and youthwork for 10 years, the most exciting place I have done community work was in Papua new guinea, where I was paid in chickens they were delicious! I have recently been working with young people and communities in East London for the last four years and am excited to help the community start new initiatives that have been identified as a local need. I will be overseeing and running a sports programme for all on the East Village, looking forward to seeing you there.

Samuel-John Onyeulo
My name is Samuel or Sam for short. I will be working as a community engagement officer here in the east village. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I have a background in youth and care work, and I enjoy playing sports and playing my guitar. It is very likely you might see me with walking into the office with my guitar on my back or playing sports around the park with some young people. If you do happen to see me, come say hi (granted you have the time). I look forward to meeting you.