Has anyone swiched from EDF to another electricity company?


Has anyone swiched from EDF to another electricity company?
Seems much cheaper.


Yes, and it’s really easy - just get your current meter reading from GLL by emailing them and do the transfer. They want you to notify them, but can’t prevent you from switching over.

I would recommend everybody strongly to switch - based on my usage, switching to the cheapest provider made a difference of roughly GBP 4300 anually.

My usage isn’t the average resident’s use; expect to save between 150-200 by just using MoneySavingExpert’s comparison website.


Thanks @yvanj though “GBP 4300 anually” looks like a typo. For us it’ll be between £90 and £140, depending on the website (uSwitch, Moneysupermarket, Comparethemarket). It might be worth switching. EDF was not helpful at all. Shocking, really. I can post the chat I had with them. A service proveider’s nightmare.

Too bad that getting meter readings is a nightmare, too:


Excerpt from the online chat. I asked for it to be emailed to me.

FALCO: EDF emailed me and offered “Blue+Price protection Jul 2019” that’s £[XXX] for the estimated annual consumption of [XXX] kWh, For example, with the same estimated annual consumption of [XXX] kWh, I pay £[XXX] instead of £[XXX] a month with Bristol Energy
18:22, Jun 26
FALCO: saving over £60 per year. And I can give more examples.
18:23, Jun 26
Aditya: You are absolutely corret. However this is what we are ffering right now Falco.
18:24, Jun 26
FALCO: Ah, ok. So you cannot offer anything else, Aditya, is that correct?
18:25, Jun 26
Aditya: I wish I could have offered you Falco as you are one of our most valuable customers. However this is what we can offer.
18:25, Jun 26
FALCO: Thank you. Good bye.
18:27, Jun 26
Aditya: Have a wonderful evening.


It is not a typo - I use about 11MWh per month, which is roughly 1200 on the cheapest provider and 1600 on the most expensive one.

With regards to meter readings - ask them when they get them for your plot, and automate the process. GLL copy pastes from an Excel spread sheet, so I have a cron job which sends them an email once a month and extracts their pasted data for me. It’s silly, but it works.



One bit where Triathlon were actually helpful is they will actually get a final reading sorted for you on the day you switch

I went with solarplicity as cheapest green option when I switched


GLL will give out meter readings but they lag by a month. They say that this is how quickly they get them from EVML so I think the problem is with them rather than GLL/Triathlon, for what it’s worth. I’m not sure if we have any legal right to a current reading, I wasn’t able to find any good information on this.

Well…one of these is a typo :laughing:.


Nope, it’s not :wink: . I’ll send you a DM.


Ah, month vs. year, right.


Just got my first bill from Bristol Energy: All good.


We recently switched to Bulb, the process was simple and it worked out about 20% cheaper than EDF for our usage. Their website is lovely to use and they have one tariff instead of EDF’s annoying annual tariff reset to try to catch you out! There’s a referral scheme too which I won’t spam here but feel free to PM me if anyone wants a code.