Has anyone swiched from EDF to another electricity company?


Has anyone swiched from EDF to another electricity company?
Seems much cheaper.


Yes, and it’s really easy - just get your current meter reading from GLL by emailing them and do the transfer. They want you to notify them, but can’t prevent you from switching over.

I would recommend everybody strongly to switch - based on my usage, switching to the cheapest provider made a difference of roughly GBP 4300 anually.

My usage isn’t the average resident’s use; expect to save between 150-200 by just using MoneySavingExpert’s comparison website.


Thanks @yvanj though “GBP 4300 anually” looks like a typo. For us it’ll be between £90 and £140, depending on the website (uSwitch, Moneysupermarket, Comparethemarket). It might be worth switching. EDF was not helpful at all. Shocking, really. I can post the chat I had with them. A service proveider’s nightmare.

Too bad that getting meter readings is a nightmare, too:


Excerpt from the online chat. I asked for it to be emailed to me.

FALCO: EDF emailed me and offered “Blue+Price protection Jul 2019” that’s £[XXX] for the estimated annual consumption of [XXX] kWh, For example, with the same estimated annual consumption of [XXX] kWh, I pay £[XXX] instead of £[XXX] a month with Bristol Energy
18:22, Jun 26
FALCO: saving over £60 per year. And I can give more examples.
18:23, Jun 26
Aditya: You are absolutely corret. However this is what we are ffering right now Falco.
18:24, Jun 26
FALCO: Ah, ok. So you cannot offer anything else, Aditya, is that correct?
18:25, Jun 26
Aditya: I wish I could have offered you Falco as you are one of our most valuable customers. However this is what we can offer.
18:25, Jun 26
FALCO: Thank you. Good bye.
18:27, Jun 26
Aditya: Have a wonderful evening.


It is not a typo - I use about 11MWh per month, which is roughly 1200 on the cheapest provider and 1600 on the most expensive one.

With regards to meter readings - ask them when they get them for your plot, and automate the process. GLL copy pastes from an Excel spread sheet, so I have a cron job which sends them an email once a month and extracts their pasted data for me. It’s silly, but it works.



One bit where Triathlon were actually helpful is they will actually get a final reading sorted for you on the day you switch

I went with solarplicity as cheapest green option when I switched


GLL will give out meter readings but they lag by a month. They say that this is how quickly they get them from EVML so I think the problem is with them rather than GLL/Triathlon, for what it’s worth. I’m not sure if we have any legal right to a current reading, I wasn’t able to find any good information on this.

Well…one of these is a typo :laughing:.