Gym Box Westfield


Hey Rebecca,

What time you thinking?

@NiK Are we all good for tomorrow? What are numbers looking like?



Hey @Gymbox_Stratford,

We have 28 people confirmed, their details are in my post above.

I’ve let them know that we should meet at the marketing suite at 6pm before we head for the tour or meet at the Cow for 7pm if they can’t attend the tour.

I hope that is OK? let me know if there is anything else I need to do from my side.


Hey @NiK

Great stuff, I’ll see you all at the Marketing Suite at 6pm.

See you tomorrow.

Hope you all like what you see tomorrow.

Matt @Gymbox_Stratford


Well I was wondering if the suite would be open just before us meeting at 6 but hadn’t thought about it being a Sunday! I can get my card etc tomorrow at the gym instead :smile:


Hey @Rebecca_Bell

Yes the suit is open now until 6pm if you wish to collect your card.



Thank you all for coming down for the tour and more importantly @Gymbox_Stratford for being so hospitable and accomodating.

The gym looks FANTASTIC and I cannot wait to get in there and start training!!


@Gymbox_Stratford just realised olympic lifting seems to have gone from the timetable, has it been ditched or will the class run in future? I think it was listed for Sundays on the timetable on the email that came out pre opening


Hey @Rebecca_Bell

I’m not aware that this class has been taken off the timetable but I know that we had an instructor drop out on us at the last minute so it could just be to do with this. I have forwarded this on to my Studio Manager who will give me an update for you today.

Matt @Gymbox_Stratford


Looks absolutely fantastic @Gymbox_Stratford


Really glad you like it @Jonathan_Silman


@Gymbox_Stratford Thanks Matt; Hollie got in touch to explain. Fingers crossed for an instructor who can bring back the class :smile:


Great stuff, I have my fingers crossed also!


Whatever happened to the A to Z of Dance on Sundays? I was going to book my first class only to find the class does not exist anymore. Actually, the A to Z of Dance has disappeared from the schedule altogether.

There are not any other School of Dance classes on Sunday. There is just one School of Dance class during the weekend. This is a bit disappointing to say the least. Any chance of having School of Dance back on Sundays? And A to Z of Dance any day the week?


@Gymbox_Stratford Hi Matt. Can you tell me how I go about cancelling my membership? I can’t get onto any of the classes I want to do as they’re all fully booked shortly after midnight the previous day. I only really joined for the dance classes. I know this might be early enthusiasm but I don’t want to risk nearly £600 if it doesn’t get better. Do I need to email to cancel or should I pop in? Thanks


Hey @dhaunae

Where are you looking for A-Z of Dance because I can see it on the website on Sundays at 12:00. Give me a call if you’re still having trouble finding it. 0203 819 8543

@MelM - We are experiencing extremely high usage at the moment due to the club only just opening but I expect this to calm down in the coming weeks to a normal usage pattern. We are also looking at adding between 10-15 extra classes to the timetable in April to accommodate members. If you wish to speak about cancelling then please pop in to see me or you can give me a call.

Matt @Gymbox_Stratford


@Gymbox_Stratford Thanks Matt. I’ll come in after work tonight.


@Gymbox_Stratford A-Z of Dance might be on the website now, but it wasn’t there on Friday after midnight. I went to the gym on Saturday to see if my member card was ready and I took advantage to ask about this. The receptionist was surprised and told me there was a Tribal class available on Sunday as shown on the printed schedule on the counter. Fortunately, I had a someone with me that could corroborate there was definitely no dance class options online on Sunday, so the receptionist investigated further. She tried on her system and was very confused when she saw A-Z of Dance there instead of Tribal (at the same time Tribal was supposed to happen). I can assure you there was no A-Z of Dance or Tribal when I tried to book on Friday past midnight. I guess they fixed it after this incident.

Anyway, I am glad A-Z of Dance is back.


Hi Matt,
I came into the gym last night wasn’t impressed with my first time in. I asked to see the place and I was told
Changing a rooms that way
Gym upstairs !! I followed my own nose and then had a look at the gym and asked a personal trainer
’do we get an induction or any help with how to work the equipment’ ? He said I wouldn’t know I’m a personal trainer ?
He then said reluctantly ’ i can show you round if you want?'
I was furious felt really peeved off like I’d been scammed into joining this SO CALLED AMAZING PLACE!!
Also regarding classes do you think it’s fair that the same people keep booking onto classes as first come first serve because they stay awake until midnight to book on!
Some of us are up at 5 Am and cant do this so then we miss out! The same people have been to many classes whilst others have not managed to get in any!


Hi @Sashy_Nightingale, @Gymbox_Stratford

It’s great to see so many EV-ers signed up in the end and have already been down to check out the gym.

I agree it is unfortunate that you had the experience you did. Matt ( the manager and guy behind the @Gymbox_Stratford username) kindly engaged with the EV community on here and via @NiK ‘s efforts to offer us some residents’ deals, the chance to ask questions and even preview the gym for a group of 30 who could be accommodated ahead of opening.

Now the gym is up and running, Yonder won’t be Matt’s primary platform for communicating on individual issues with members, I can pm you his email or suggest you telephone the gym if you’re free during their opening hours and want to voice your frustrations.

They’ve got a huge outfit running and a very large body of staff- some may be new to the organisation not just the branch. It may be that you were very unlucky with the PT who seemed rather unhelpful and I’m sure Matt and Gymbox would appreciate that being raised with them.

Fingers crossed that the tidal wave of overly keen gym goers dies down and booking gets easier for everyone!


Hi @Sashy_Nightingale, welcome to Yonder! :smile:

I’d like to echo @Rebecca_Bell, sorry to hear about your bad experience :frowning: but the best way to get this addressed would be to email Matt or phone the gym to voice your concerns.

I was one of the fortunate 30 people who were given a sneak peak ahead of opening and I managed to book the Muay Thai class on Sunday with @tj1 and had an awesome time! I hope you have a better experience when you go in there next!