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Where is the closest/easiest place to recycle glass in East Village? Is there a bottle bank or anything nearby?

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GLL told us that glass is recycled from the general waste (black bins) by the council.

It is half true. See this article by one of our neighbours for a bit more info.


I never knew that, what a shameful state of affairs.


The nearest proper glass-only bin is on Major road: Leave East Village down Liberty Bridge Road, take 2nd left onto Major Road and there’s a bottle bank on the pavement just beyond the bus stop.

There’s also one on Maryland Road, opposite St Paul’s Church.
What Newham do with the glass from these bins I don’t know.


Thanks, that’s something at least.


Hi all, just wanted to update you on this. I sent my article to the developers and asked for them to place a bottle bank in E20. I got this back from Laura at East Thames

We’re delighted to hear that you love living on the East Village and I agree that’s it’s a shame there are no glass recycling facilities for residents. As you know Newham Council are responsible for recycling facilities but I have forwarded your email to the various partners on East Village to ask if this is something we can all achieve together.

I hope the outcome is positive as I’m a keen recycler myself and dread the thought of all that glass going to the landfill. I’m sure you’re aware, but just in case, it’s good to know that the closest bottle bank to EV is located on Major Road, near the M bus stop.

It’s kind of positive and I plan to email her in a few weeks to find out if there’s been any progress

If any of you want to email her too, she’s on


To see where your nearest recycling is for a all kinds of items just see the Recycle for London web site;
East Village is also pretty close to the recycling centre at Leyton, it’s behind Asda but very close to the hockey centre. It’s postcode is E10 5BY. It is technically just inside Waltham Forest but as long as you are taking domestic items e.g. small electrical, light bulbs. You don’t need to prove where you live.
It is shocking the council has not placed any glass recycling bins in East Village as yet.


Sorry to bump such an old topic - I just wondered if there had been any updates? Where is the nearest glass recycling centre to East Village these days? Thanks!


Probably here although I’d be happy to hear about one in the E20 postcode.

Major Road, Stratford, E15 1DY
It’s a little past Prospect East heading towards Leyton.


Thanks. Seems strange there isn’t one here.


Some more history to it (recycling) here: link. Seems like a glass recycling spot was proposed outside Sainsburys but there were potential noise issues.


Noise issues - now that’s a good one. The building sites and seagulls make it quite difficult for me to work from home these days…