Get Living London, East Village, E20 - No more deposits!


Wow, this is pretty impressive and I almost didn’t believe it when I first saw it!

“We launched Get Living four years ago this month and in that time our average deduction from deposits has been just a few days’ rent, with the majority of our residents getting their deposits returned in full. We have great relationships with our residents and, given they are taking such good care of our homes, why should we hold six weeks’ rent? We can do this at Get Living because we have the scale and track-record to know it will work.

“Where we have led – with no fees and longer tenancies - others have followed. We hope deposit-free renting becomes the norm.”
CEO of Get Living London

[I don’t work for GLL]

Anyone had their deposit returned yet?

A new provider similar to GLL who are doing the build-to-let concept. Looks very similar with no fees, etc but their main development is in Wembley. May be cheaper than E20 prices.


No fees & smaller deposits – no upfront or hidden fees, so that means no cleaning, inventory or referencing costs and just a £1,000 deposit. That’s £831 less than the average London rental deposit according our friends at Deposit Protection Service
Utilities & 40Mb/s broadband included – all setup and ready to go the minute you move in
Furnished or unfurnished – the choice is yours, you decide
High quality spec – we don’t take shortcuts, Alto’s apartments are built to last with fitted wardrobes, Siemens appliances, contemporary bathroom fittings and video access control system
Social spaces – fully equipped resident’s kitchen featuring SAMSUNG Chef’s Collection appliance range, a resident lounge with free 100Mb/s broadband, HD TV & Sky, Italian-inspired courtyard garden. Also available for exclusive hire
24 hour concierge – on hand to make life as easy and simple as possible, they’ll take in your deliveries, handle your dry cleaning, organise extra storage, parking and more
Underground parking – secure, gated underground parking is available. Plus guest parking spaces means friends or family visits are easy peazy
Storage – secure storage spaces are available to hire. And purpose-built bicycle storage is free
Shops, restaurants and supermarkets – right on your doorstep, just a few minutes walk away


#Anyone had their deposit returned yet?

I just wondered how GLL were getting on with the process of returning deposits. Has anyone had one refunded yet? thanks!


No, not yet here - and to be fair, I’m not expecting it any time soon.

I’ve lived in the village for four years, and at times, the admin side of things has been appalling. So I’d rather err on the safe side of not expecting anything until it’s in your account.


GLL did say two weeks between completing what turned out to be an incredibly intrusive, inaccessible and largely irrelevant process and them contacting tenants to arrange refunds, so I would hope they would be in touch with us (and others?) soon.

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,


Thanks. (I’m not sure what the intrusive/irrelevant process was though Mike? I thought this was good news… unexpectedly receiving deposits back mid-tenancy?)


Sorry, as a totally blind person, I found the whole process of attempting to register with the passport website, very difficult,. The app was entirely inaccessible (as was the webpage which kept crashing with my screen reading software) but the people on the helpline for the app couldn’t have been less interested to be honest. I agree it is good news but couldn’t understand why they need so much information in order to process this.

Whinge over!

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,


Oh right, thanks. It sounds like you’re further along the process than me, then - I haven’t been asked to register with any website or use any app yet. I wasn’t aware that anything like that would be involved. Seems strange - they know who we all are!


Hmm yes, it’s a quite long-winded process I’m afraid.

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,


Haven’t heard anything at all since the original announcement. They said it would take a few months I think, but who knows.


They say 2 weeks once you have completed the process of obtaining a ‘Rent Passport’. That’s the app I was complaining about here yesterday.

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,


My partner and I received ours back about a week ago, if it makes anyone feel better! We had the same sentiments as @yvanj - based on our long history with GLL & how poor their admin/communications can be - we wouldn’t believe it until it was in our accounts!

The whole ‘rent passport’ thing is a bit of a joke. We had to contact them a few times to check what we had done was correct as the website is rather awkward. I too am a bit unsure why they needed quite so much information?! Made us a bit uncomfortable.


Thanks Pebble. So the time between you getting an email asking you to sign up for the Rent Passport and actually receiving the money was about two weeks? Or longer than that?


From after we completed everything that was required, just under 2 weeks I believe.


I’ve just completed the forms and we are waiting for the reimbursement to happen.

For @Pebble it took just under two weeks for the payment to arrive - are there any other experiences (i.e. is everyone’s waiting time similar or…?)