Furniture in apartments within East Village


Does anyone know what designer and model of furniture GLL uses to furnish their rental homes? It looks like Ebbe Gehl for John Lewis but it’s…better.

For example, the ones in John Lewis there is a gap between the table top and the legs whereas the GLL furniture the table top is flush with the legs. The John Lewis furniture uses wood screws with a phillips head to put together while the GLL furniture uses Full Thread Cap Head Screws (Allen key top).

You can see from these (badly) captured photos the slight difference.
Also the colour of the furniture is darker than what is available from John Lewis.

John Lewis:


If anyone knows please enlighten me.


It looks like this:


Yes their furniture is all by David Phillips I believe.


That’s correct. Info here:


Thanks everyone for your reponses to the furniture question.

A related question, what is the brand (and model if known) of the induction hobs that are in the GLL apartments?


They’ll either be Bosch or Siemens, depending on whether it’s one of the standard (Bosch) or premium (Siemens) style properties. If you have the green box it should have the manuals in.


Yeah, can’t find the box. Hope I don’t have to pay for it when we move out and its still missing… Looks like a Bosch.