FREE Running Sessions at Olympic Park


Take part in FREE running sessions in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Aimed at all abilities these sessions are for 16+ ages
To register your interest for any sessions please email me on here or at
Please visit website for session details

Want to Become a Running Leader?
How about starting a group for your neighbours or workplace?
England Athletics can help with some funding towards costs of becoming a qualified running leader.
Please get in touch for more information


Thanks for sharing @EnglandAthletics

Hi guys, I am always running with the Nike Club in Stratford - also listed in the FREE running sessions for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Please note, they also have sessions on Thursdays at 6:45PM for 5 and 7K groups.

I think it is a cool idea to have a regular group for East Village Runners. At the Nike Club we call ourselves E20 Runners and they have a cool technical dry-fit Nike T-Shirt that is given free to every runner that completes 10 runs.


hello, I am new to yonder and I recently moved to the Uk. I was wondering if there are good /convenient clubs that can help me improve my running skills because I want to take it up professionally.


Hi @folakemi please check @viewtube.runners - we are a local all abilities run club Local Runners — Running Sessions Updates // with viewtube runners
Next running session is on Tuesday at 7PM at the London Marathon Community Track (all abilities).


Hi Folakemi
In addition to Frank’s advice there is also Victoria Park Harriers, Run Club East, and Eton Manor AC nearby so bound to be something that suits you

Have you signed up to parkrun? There is one every saturday morning at hackney marshes andrew lots of people from different running clubs go there. Sign up for free on the website and have a chat with the run director afterwards
Good luck


Thank you very much.


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Thanks for round up Frank thats pretty spot on, there will be a revised program of activity coming out soon with all Athletics and Running opportunities for all ages…stay tuned