February 2018: Training, Club & Accessible Rides


Should be there, see you Sunday.


I might join you , just don’t wait for me if I am not there


I’m away this weekend - but I’ll see you next Sunday for sure :smile:


Hi there, new to this club looking to come to the club ride on Sunday all being well. Is it ok to turn up?


Hi @scott-lambert, sure thing! Just turn up at the meeting point at 8.15 on Sunday. A ride leader will be announced later on in the week. Look forward to meeting you (if I’m out)!


Ok thanks! It does depend on how well Scotland do in the 6 nations, if we win it might be postponed to the following week lol.


See you on Sunday then :grin:


Accessible Ride: Sunday 25th February
Ride Leader @MdeBokx (Marinthe)

Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 14mph (23kph)
Distance: 25-30m (40-50k)

Hi all! I’m offering this weekends accessible ride up to the Acorn Hut at High beech, Epping forest. There is the option of doing two hill climbs, Lippits and Mott street, for those who are feeling good.

This ride is a no drop ride. So no one will be left behind. We aim to work as a team and really build on group riding skills. Just remember, even though this ride is accessible we still aim to push ourselves. (Let’s climb those hills, right!?)

We will aim for an average speed of 14mph (23kph) across the ride - this is flexible based on the ability on the ride itself, ride leaders will look out anyone struggling with pace and adjust accordingly.

Prepare by:

Pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure (this will depend on weather, if it is slippy I advice a lower PSI for more grip.)
Set correct saddle height and consider position
Understand the distance
Take water and snacks during the ride
Carrying spare inner tube, levers etc.
Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues
No need for rucksacks or luggage, remove D-Locks etc.
Have breakfast!

Please reply to this topic if you plan to attend - Thanks!!

Hope to see some of you there :smile:
:v: Marinthe


Hey @MdeBokx - I would be delighted to join you in supporting this weekend, I do need to confirm my availability, but 99% sure I’ll be on.


Awesome @Lee! :smile: Hopefully that 1% is available too and I’ll see you Sunday morning :dancer:


Afternoon! I’ll be attending and brining two other cyclists as well! Any chance we could have the gpx. File or strava route to download? Looking forward to Sunday! :smile:


GPX File attached. There are a few different ways of getting to High Beach but I’ve attached one with the Chingford loop. e20CC Accessible Ride Chingford Loop way.gpx (71.1 KB)


Thank you @Henry


Hey, I’m planning on coming back for more—I enjoyed the last ride.


Hi, hoping to join you all on Sunday. See you there!


Is there a ride on Sunday ? It will be pretty cold


There is an accessible ride but feel free to lead a club ride at a pace and distance that suits you.


Don’t hang around for me, not going to make it - I’ll try and meet you at Leytonstone if I can. Sorry @MdeBokx


Lovely morning for it—thanks to organisers/leaders. If you’re going to break a spoke, it’s definitely best on the way back. PS club application submitted

Update: checked out Wiggle page for my wheels, I don’t remember it saying this before: “riders 82kg+ are advised to be extra vigilant and inspect your wheels more frequently”!


It was fab :smiley: So crazy about the spoke, but super lucky that we didn’t have any more downhills coming!